Electricity, Climate | The general manager was angry that “no one” was talking about the Norwegian e-solution: – incomprehensible

Electricity, Climate |  The general manager was angry that “no one” was talking about the Norwegian e-solution: – incomprehensible

Aren’t politicians worried about a solution that could create 45,000 jobs?

– The media picture is full of expensive electricity and we need to generate more power, but no one is talking about reducing our electricity usage. The truth is that we use twice as much electricity as Sweden, says Carolyn Nistrom, Norwegian manager at Schneider Electric.

Over time, Norway has had higher electricity consumption compared to other countries. In 2019, the total electricity consumption of Norwegian households was 38,324 GWh. Was to compare Electricity consumption of Swedish households 33.974 GWh

In Norway, in 2019 there were 2.439 million Norwegian families. In the same year, there were 4.7 million households in Sweden, about 2.3 million more than in Norway.

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– Unable to understand

The French giant began making artillery in the 19th century, but grew into one of the largest technology companies in the world. For the past 20 years, Schneider energy efficiency has been its specialty.

Nistrom says Netavicen has regretted for years that the climate ceiling in Norway is too low compared to other countries.

– The senior manager says he cannot understand why the LO, NHO and politicians are not interested in this.

As The online newspaper wrote this fallFive years ago, Storting decided that the government should present a plan on how to save 10 TWh from existing buildings in Norway by 2030. No project is ready yet, and the environmental foundation is Zero. Case and Jokes.

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– Energy efficiency is not very attractive. I understand that politicians think it’s cool to cut ribbons in front of coastal wind turbines or carbon capture plants. But with energy efficiency, we can start tomorrow with technology that is on the market and in operation. In addition, it is much less collision-prone than wind turbines, Nystrøm says.

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Can create up to 45,000 jobs

Nystrøm was among the contributors when the LO and NHO released the report General Energy and Industrial Policy Platform Earlier this year. However, CO2 capture, batteries and data centers stole the headlines.

– No one has noticed that energy efficiency can create jobs equivalent to 45,000 human years in just a few years, says Nystrøm.

The report says that the restoration of old buildings with a total effect of 4 to 9 TWh, based on NVE estimates, could provide jobs of 10,000 to 45,000 man-years.

The report says that if Norwegian companies really excel in energy-related technology, that growth will be a good opportunity to export services and goods.

– Sustainability is a global megatrend in which money can be made, says Nystrøm.

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Believes stability has a low level

While he believes Norway is lagging behind in energy efficiency, Nystrøm sees signs that many companies understand the need to reduce emissions and contribute to the UN sustainability goals.

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– Now I see panic in many Norwegian companies. The term greenwashing has been used little by little, but there are many sustainability strategies that need to be challenged in the Norwegian business and industry. Nystrøm says that if you put consistency in the last item on the board agenda, you have already lost it.

According to Nystrøm, many companies now say they need to “do something about sustainability” and appoint a consistency manager. He parallels that 20 years ago when many companies wanted to “do something innovative”.

– Then all companies should have an innovation manager with a focus on innovation. I am one of those who received such a position. I never felt lonely at work. Everyone wants to talk about innovation, but some do nothing about it. Now we see the same thing happening in sustainability, says Nystrøm.

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