Electricity, electricity prices | These are the biggest power thieves

Electricity, electricity prices |  These are the biggest power thieves

The latest figures show the cost of electricity for home heating, lighting, dryer and other consumption.

With the help of Enova, the online newspaper, a typical family looked at what electricity costs were distributed across different electrical appliances per year, and not least: heat and hot water.

In the table below, we assume that NOK is 2.27 per kWh. This is based on the average price of 46-49 weeks old families in the big cities of southern Norway. According to Enova, prices this week vary from NOK 1.75 to NOK 2.50.

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This is higher than the historic electricity price Rarely normal, But it is moving towards a higher price going forward.

A big thief

Perhaps not so surprising, heating is the biggest power thief. The Enova estimates a typical consumption of 12,000 kWh per year.

The average household in cities such as Oslo and Bergen would have to pay 27,000 kroner a year if current electricity prices were to remain the same. Something is offset by the winter months Adopted power package before Christmas.

A lot of money is spent on hot water and a lot of money is spent on lighting. 1200 kWh of hot water per person per year is a good rule of thumb for Enova. The three major electricity thieves together account for 88 percent of the total cost.

However, for essentials and home appliances, the takeaway is low. Here, the average household can only count NOK above 4,700 at current price levels, with NOK more than 10 percent of the 42,000 total bill. Note that the cost of charging an electric car is not included in this calculation.

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65 percent of the total cost

Hallgeir Kvadsheim, an economics graduate behind Pengeverkstedet.no and known from “Luksusfellen”, is not much surprised by the statistics. However, he points out that it is somewhat surprising that almost 65 per cent of the total amount of electricity bills a year goes to heating costs.

– This is a higher rate than I read before, which is about 55-60 percent. We know that heat and hot water are deducted more from electricity bills, and the statistics confirm that it is warming, he tells Netavicen that we need to pay more attention.

– I think people do not know how much energy consumption is bent and how much electricity heats up, he says.

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Pulls extra

However, doing something with heating is not as easy as other consumptions, but he still has some clear suggestions.

– Go through the window and window moldings. If they are old and worn, or the window frame is badly glued, it can lead to extra drafts in your home. Also focus on the valves so that more heat does not escape through them, he says.

According to Quadsheim, the use of good insulation and heat pump, heat dissipated by water or rock heat in homes can have a positive effect on electricity consumption for heating, but it is expensive to do anything about it.

– It is not given that it is clever

He thinks more people can avoid paying more for electricity if they do not follow the instructions to turn off the heat at night and wake up in the morning:

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– In well insulated houses / homes, you have the spot price and it is not given that it is very smart. A well-insulated house will retain heat, and electricity is cheap at night – not when you wake up between 7 and 9, he says.

In any case, the easiest way is to take control of power consumption other than heat. Quadsheim is not surprised to find out who are the biggest power thieves other than heating and hot water.

A little to finish doing

– I know it’s at this level. For example, the dryer is a lot, up to a thousand rupees a year. But in Norway we can not do much about this as we can not dry clothes outside in the winter, says Quadsheim.

– But he says it may seem like moving consumption to a more reasonable time of day.

Sicily Dwightenstrand, a consumer economist at Storebrand, says higher electricity prices have led to increased awareness of the use of electricity.

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More awareness

– It is positive that many people now know more about how and when we use electricity, but it is painful to know that many people are now struggling financially with high electricity bills.

– I hope the government’s support packages will help ease this, but I’m worried it will not be enough for most fighters, says Twentenstrand.

She agrees that it is especially difficult to save more electricity in the months we are entering now. But the good advice is to minimize the shower and turn off the light when leaving the room as a general rule.

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– And because the rooms you do not use have lower temperatures, the prices will be lower, especially when prices are higher now.

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