Electricity prices, store government | High electricity prices again on Monday: – Level affecting many

Electricity prices, store government |  High electricity prices again on Monday: – Level affecting many

The store promises to clarify the power before Christmas.

The average price on Monday ends at NOK 1.73 per kilowatt hour in southern Norway and NOK 1.24 per kilowatt hour in central and northern Norway. It shows the statistics of the Power Exchange North Pool.

On Monday, no matter what country you are in, the maximum hourly rate will be 9 to 10 p.m. In southern Norway, the price of pure electricity per kilowatt hour is NOK 3.66. In central Norway it is approx. NOK between 8 and 11 1.95.

Cheap hours are slightly earlier in the day. In central and northern Norway, the price ranges from 05.00 to 06.00 74 re. E24.

– Many ordinary incomes have been severely affected

Prime Minister Jonas Car Store (Labor Party) has promised to clarify before Christmas which schemes will apply to those who have trouble paying electricity bills.

– This is a condition that affects many people. This is a situation that has not existed in 25 years. Now we offer assistance to those who are particularly severely affected, says Store TV2.

Over the weekend, the government has been working hard to take decisive action. The housing allowance has already been increased, and the store says it may be appropriate to increase it. But he can not guarantee that the money will come before Christmas.

– The housing allowance is the plan you apply for by the end of the month, after which you will receive the money next month. So when it comes to money, I can not clarify. But he tells TV2 that the security of the money must be clarified before Christmas.

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The government is also in the process of meeting other groups.

– What programs and methods we will use, we are working on now. We’ll be back to Sorting soon, says Store N.R.K..

– Many people with normal incomes have been severely affected by this and we need help now.

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