Electronic Ink – BMW Novelty can change between 32 colors

Electronic Ink – BMW Novelty can change between 32 colors

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(Elbil24): BMW used the major electronics show CES in Las Vegas to showcase its advanced color technology. The technology is based on electronic ink and can be easily translated into electronic ink.

The solution was demonstrated on the BMW i Vision Dee concept car – a mid-size sedan scheduled to go into production in 2025.

As you can see from the video below, a layer of e-ink makes it possible to change between 32 different colors in the car:

Not the first time

The technology is the same as in e-readers, where a page is “frozen” as soon as it is refreshed.

In the long term, it is perhaps conceivable that the technology could be used to add logos, company names, company information and other text, without BMW saying anything about it.

However, there is no doubt that BMW prioritizes e-ink. Also during last year’s CES show in Las Vegas, the automaker demonstrated this technology, and then on the iX Flow concept car. At that time, electronic ink made it possible to change the grayscale and pattern by click on the button:

During CES 2022 in Las Vegas, BMW showed off the BMW iX Flow concept car, which has the special feature of being able to change color (!).
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within seconds

Now the technology has been taken a step further and 32 different colors are offered. It no longer only converts between black and white, but now supports a full color version with individually configurable palettes.

The site writes that the model car in the video above has 240 parts that can all change color Engine 1.

Not only this; The wheels can also be covered with electronic ink and given new visual expressions:

Image: BMW

Image: BMW
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BMW claims that an “almost endless choice of styles” is available and that the technology enables switching to a different finish in seconds.

The automaker isn’t saying anything about the capabilities of a full-color e-ink implementation on the production model, but BMW is known for having among the best color palettes in the industry.

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