Elie Matteozo and Daniel Volante

Elie Matteozo and Daniel Volante

Italian figure skater Illy Matizzo died on Saturday in a serious car accident. Reports, among others Gazzetta dello sport And Italy 24.

She and her boyfriend, Daniele Volante, 18, died in the accident. The two must be engaged.

The accident occurred in San Marino, and Italian media wrote that Volante lost control of the car and set off on the opposite lane.

There was nothing the rescue crew could do. The couple were already dead when they arrived at the scene.

There must have been two other cars involved in the accident. One of the two cars was involved in the accident, while another hit the car of the two 18-year-olds after they crashed. Drivers of other motor vehicles must not have been seriously injured.

The police are now working on an investigation as they try to find out why Mattiuzzo and Volanti’s car ended up in the opposite lane.

Matioso moved from Milan to San Marino two years ago to live with family members. She met her fiancé when they went to the same school on the Italian coast next to San Marino.

Mattiuzzo was an amazing talent in figure skating. In 2019, she participated in the mini versionHer championship in figure skating. She was part of a Milan ice skating group called Hot Shivers. There was one of the main people in the group.

Many of the figure skating community expressed their support for their parents after their death.

We’ll all send a message to make you feel like we’re here. Ellie was a wonderful girl. We’ve been together for several days and shared great moments. We will never forget her, said the mother of one of her colleagues at Mateosso after the death became known.

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