June 8, 2023


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Eliminates Mathematics Requirement 4 to Become a Teacher - Clear Speech

Eliminates Mathematics Requirement 4 to Become a Teacher – Clear Speech

In 2016, the previous government decided that everyone who wants to become a teacher must have a grade 4 in mathematics from high school.

There were many who did not like it.

The new government is now canceling this requirement.

Today, many of those who teach in Norwegian schools lack teacher education. We need more teachers in many places in the country, says Ola Borten Moe. Minister of Research and Higher Education.

– This is how we open up to more good applicants, but without excluding anyone because of the degree in one subject, he says.

Alternatively, those who wish to study to become teachers must have a minimum of 40 school credits and a 3 degree in Mathematics and Norwegian.

For those who do not have enough points, condition 4 in mathematics applies.

An additional 330 people who applied for teacher education this year met the new requirements. It shows numbers from curated admissions processes, where people apply for places to study.

The new admission requirement will take effect in the fall of 2022.

The government does not receive support from the former ruling Conservative Party.

Jean-Tore Sanner previously held the Burton Moe job. He believes the four requirements worked the way they wanted them to.

More teachers are now more willing to train teachers. Less math fails and more teachers complete the whole course. This is actually the most important thing for students, says Saner.

There will be no better education by lowering the competency requirements and ambitions of teachers, he says.

He also says he is glad the government is not canceling the requirement entirely.

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