Elisabeth Andreessen, Bethan | Elisabeth “Bétain” Andreessen's late husband made an unusual choice: – He loved him

Elisabeth Andreessen, Bethan |  Elisabeth “Bétain” Andreessen's late husband made an unusual choice: – He loved him

On Tuesday, Elizabeth “Betain” Andreessen (66 years old) was a guest on a new episode of “Robbery with Tone,” and the energetic artist is not afraid to introduce herself.

She shares many stories from her 45-year career, including what hectic touring life was like with Bobbysocks in the 1980s.

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But the Norwegian-Swedish artist also experienced great grief, and her life was turned upside down when she suddenly lost her husband, Tor Andreessen.

Although it has been nearly ten years since the unexpected death, it is still affecting the family.

– It must be a wall

In a recent podcast episode, she spoke about losing her husband of 22 years, and said candidly that it was difficult to deal with the grief while providing strong support to their two daughters:

– Now I have to be a mother, I have to be an adult. At the same time, I wasn't supposed to hide the fact that I was sad, but I had to be a wall for them, she says in “Robery with Tone” and adds that it was a very difficult time.

Nettavisen has been in touch with Elisabeth Andreassen, who does not want to comment beyond what she says on the podcast.

– Dear Tor. What an indescribable loss. We will take care of your oyster and ourselves with your soul. You have given us everything that is useful in life.

That's how Andreessen honored her husband shortly after he was suddenly taken away from a heart attack one day in June 2016.

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It was at the family cottage in Brønnøya in Asker that Andreassen suffered a fatal heart attack. Despite her death, she still visited the family cabin, and experienced many ups and downs there in the following years:

– I had no problem being there, because I felt it was our paradise. But when I was there alone, I was sad and I cried and screamed and did whatever I wanted, Andreessen says, adding that she also had a few fun times in the cabin.

Deprioritizing the profession

Pétain and Tor Andersen met late in life, says the artist himself. When they met in the early 1990s, they both had established careers, and children and family were next on their agenda.

They married in 1994, and one year later their first daughter, Anna, was born, and two years later, Nora.

The 66-year-old says in a recent podcast episode that Andreessen has been a great source of security for the family, and that she and her daughters have always come first with him.

Bittan's music career was still in full swing in the mid-1990s, and she competed in the Grand Prix Melody twice in two years. In other words, she had a lot to do with the family, and so her husband made a rather unusual choice for the time.

He downgraded his career in favor of children and took a year of paternity leave. According to Bitan, one year with Baba Bayram developed into eleven years in total.

She allowed the “La det Alternative” singer's career to continue to shine, and her husband to do what he wanted most:

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– He was always at home, and he loved it. He loved cooking and being with girls.

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