Eliteserien Team of the Year: These are the best Eliteserien players:

Eliteserien Team of the Year: These are the best Eliteserien players:

The 2022 Elite Series is over and Mold can celebrate his fifth gold medal. Bodo/Glimt won the Battle of Silver ahead of Rosenborg with the bronze after a nerve-wracking season finale.

TV 2 experts Yaw Amankwah and Jesper Mathisen have put together what they think is Team of the Year. They also named Player of the Year and Guilty of the Year.

Eight players get a place on both teams.

Experts believe that Molde’s Martin Linese, Eric Hogan, Siffert Hegheim-Manzwerk, Magnus Wolf-Ecrim, and Glimt players Hugo Vettelsen and Amal Pellegrino, as well as Marcus Henriksen, Carlo Holls and Kasper Tungstedt of Rosenborg, are clear.

Relive the season of Vetlesen’s dreams

More young and emerging talents

The average age of the 14 players selected is 25.5 years old. Many of them are under 23 years old.

More and more teams at Eliteserien are playing fast, technical, ground football that is at least suitable for younger players as well, and often better than older players, says Amankwah.

– Also, I can imagine that Martin Odegaard and Erling Haaland’s quantum leap at such a young age was very inspiring for our next generation of top players.

Experts disagree on the goalkeeper’s position, and where Matessen has a choice of ten out of eleven players from the top three clubs, Amankwah looks to the teams at the bottom of the table.

Yao Amankwah’s team

– crucial piece

The biggest surprise in Amankoah’s team is Tromsø player August Mikkelsen (22). This season, Mikkelsen played a total of 26 out of 30 matches at Eliteserien and scored seven goals.

I have Mikkelsen with me because I think he is at a high level who belongs to this year’s team. It got better and better, it was the best in the most memorable match at Alfheim Stadium and a crucial piece in a good season for Gaute Helstrup and TIL, says Amanquah.

 Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB

Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB

It has also given way to Lillestrøm’s Vetle Drgsnes (28). The Canary Islands ended up in sour fourth place.

– He is very reliable, authentic and wise. In an LSK team where, for example, Ogbu dipped in a bit in the fall, Dragsnes was probably LSK’s best player and represents a lot of what they represent, Amankwah believes.

On Friday 25 March, the stage was set for a special international match between Norway and Slovakia at the Olival Stadium.  Photo: Isac Skjevik Kvello / TV 2

Jesper Mathisen . Team

Composition: 3-4-3

a guard: Leopold Walstedt (singles)

defense: Martin Linnes (born), Eric Hogan (born), Marcus Henriksen (Rosenburg)

Midline: Carlo Hulz (Rosenborg), Seifert Hegheim-Manseverk (Mr.), Emil Warhogwijk Breivik (M.), Hugo Wittelsen (Bodo/Glimt)

attacks: Amal Pellegrino (Bodo/Glimt), Casper Tungstedt (Bodo/Glimt), Magnus Wolf-Ekrem (Molder)

general guilty: David Datro Fofana (Moldi)

player of the year: Casper Tungstedt (Rosenburg)

Brag about the captain of my birth

Mathiesen believes that Odds Leopold Wahlstedt should be credited with putting the team in a good season and saving a lot of points.

The goalkeeper’s individual performance was rewarded with a place in the Sweden squad.

Praised after another great match: – He should get a statue

Another who really impressed the experts was Molde Captain Magnus Wolf Icrim. In September, it became known that the spacewalker lost his roommate to cancer, which is difficult for both the captain and his birth camp.

Ekrim runs Moldi as much as he can only when he’s at his best, and when he presents this season with everything he’s been through off the pitch, it’s just a matter of taking off his hat. He has something very special about him as a player and as a person, and he should have been on our teams!

 Photo: Marius Siemensen / NTB

Photo: Marius Siemensen / NTB

Mathiesen also made a place for Emil Varhogwijk Breivik on his team.

The greatest potential

One of the very successful people this year is David Datro Fofana in Molde. The 19-year-old, who came to Molde in February last year, has scored 15 goals and five assists in 24 matches.

That’s three goals more than Erling Braut Haaland at Molde before he traveled abroad.

Fofana is the most capable player in the league. It’s still a bit shaky, but at its best it’s intimidating, even for defenders in Europe’s top 5 leagues.

– Incredibly good when it’s daytime, and he’s still only 19 years old, says Amankwa.

 Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / NTB

Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / NTB

Experts say he was also close to a place in this year’s team. There was also Ola Brynhildsen from Molde, Christos Zafeiris from Haugesund and HamKam’s Hasan Kurucay.

Player of the Year after only 14 games

The experts are clear Who is the player of the year. In only 14 matches, Kasper Tungstedt (22) scored 15 goals and nine assists in Rosenborg.

Watch Tengstedt’s first 15 goals at Eliteserien

It’s exceptional, says Mathiesen. The Dane from Horson came to Rosenborg at the beginning of August.

– Tengstedt ensured Rosenborg won a medal. He set Lerkendale on fire again and restored faith to his supporters. Jesper Mathisen says it ends with a beautiful Rosenborg season, which is something very exciting to build on next year.

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