Elizabeth «Beaton» Andreason: – Cabin won the fight: still to be demolished

Elizabeth «Beaton» Andreason: - Cabin won the fight: still to be demolished

After a lengthy and complicated process with building officials in the municipality of Oscar, Elizabeth “Betten” Andreason (63) finally received an approved application to renovate her leisure property in Brennaya, Oscar.

It is in the letter of the municipality.

Approval takes place shortly after the municipal director puts his foot down, and Betten cancels the municipality’s original decision to reject the building application.

In particular, the artist has been given the green light to demolish the much-talked-about 22-square-meter outdoor building. At the same time, she was authorized to list something new in the same place, in the same place.

– to be demolished

There is only one chin. At the same time, at the same time that permission was granted to build the building, the municipality is demanding that the coastal beach house be demolished. This will happen before the 63-year-old finds a cockpit.

«Existing 9.5 m² beach house to be demolished before new exterior construction of (…) 22 m² begins», Says from the construction industry, which requires a map and photographic documentation of further work to be done.

This letter indicates that it was part of an illegal pursuit many years ago. According to the municipality, the beach house was “built without application or approval in the coastal zone.”

– Did the responsible applicant know this amount (strandhuset, Journ.anm.) It is a matter of concern that the responsible applicant did not include this in his / her application / assessment.

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Change requests

It has been nine months since Andreas first asked for permission. The 63-year-old responsible applicant is Box Architect Studio AS, while civil architect Nils-Jacob Luck is in charge of the complaint.

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The latter rejoices in the recent conclusion. However, in a letter to the municipality, he demanded that the municipal administration withdraw the conditions for the demolition of the beach house.

Relocation PudsticaPeter Paul Fernie, of Bex Architects Studio AS, who first mentioned the case, says he was shocked by the condition of the small beach house.

– This condition violates a political decision of the Building Council to postpone demolition until a new zoning plan is available, Farney tells the newspaper.

– It is very unusual for a municipal director to reconsider a valid political decision on an appointed decision, he continues.

– The way is too long

Regarding the municipality’s concern about the applicant’s assessment of the beach house, Furney says “it should be at the expense of the municipal director.”

Earlier this month the Oscar municipality took the rare step of overturning its original decision on rejection.

“After the updated assessment, the municipal director has decided that the application can still be considered,” the letter from the municipality said.

Elizabeth Andrewson received this decision with great relief.

– I am very happy and satisfied with what I heard, and the complaint was confirmed. I hope the process that took so long will continue, during which time he wrote an SMS to Parson.

So far, it remains to be seen whether the beach house will be demolished or changes will be made to municipal requirements.

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