Elkem Salton, fire | Responding to a fire in Elkem

Elkem Salton, fire |  Responding to a fire in Elkem

Case updated.

Just after 2.30pm, Avisa Nordland received a report of a wood fire. in Sørfold.

This has been confirmed by 110 Centre.

– We are still in the early stages. The duty manager at 110 central says we will come when we know more.

The fire department has confirmed that it has reached the spot with several units.

At 15.18, Finn Viggo Dreyer, the duty manager at 110 Central, is speechless.

– We are on site and involved in extinguishing. He says he can’t say more than that now.

– How many fire brigades are in operation now?

No, I don’t have an overview of that right now, Dreyer replies.

to do NRK Nordland The director of the factory, Ove Sordahl, says:

– We currently have a fire in our resource system. Everyone should have an account, but we’re double-checking this.

He tells NRK that there was activity in the building when it caught fire.

– There was activity at work all the time, so there were people at work. They informed about the fire accident.

An eyewitness to the fire told Avissa Nordland that black smoke was billowing from the building where the ovens were located.

– I see flames coming out of the building, the witness says.

The person describes the flames as large.

— Witness says that the roof tiles of the building have become so hot that the light from the flames can be seen through them.

The man says several fire engines have arrived, probably from Fauske.

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Nordland Police District can confirm that they have received reports of a fire at Elkem in Soarfold.

– No people should be in the building. A lot of black smoke at the scene, police write on X/Twitter.

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