Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s Anatomy | Grey’s Anatomy fans react after this: – My limit has been reached

Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy |  Grey's Anatomy fans react after this: - My limit has been reached

For 17 years and 19 seasons, TV viewers around the world have been able to follow the life of fictional Dr. Meredith Gray on the hospital drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” Now it’s finally over.

Actress Ellen Pompeo (53 years old) posted a post on Instagram, Thursday evening, Norwegian time For which she thanked herself very well. With that, viewer favorite Meredith Gray disappears from the world of “Grey’s Anatomy,” to TV viewers’ chagrin.

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Over the past 24 hours, fans around the world have expressed their great disappointment at the character’s departure on social media.

“I think the day has come. I’ve officially ended my longest relationship. 19 seasons. I’ve been through everything, but my limit has been reached. Meredith leaving the series was my 13th reason. I’m completely done with Grey’s Anatomy”reads the final farewell to a visibly active viewer on Twitter.

“I think I’m officially done with Grey’s Anatomy”reads another Twitter message.

The series is dead to me

As mentioned earlier, Pompeo himself has taken to Instagram to say goodbye to “Grey’s Anatomy” fans.

β€œI am forever grateful and humbled for all the love and support you have shown me, Meredith Gray, and the show for 19 seasons. Through it all. None of this would be possible without the best fans in the world. You have made the journey so fun and creative. I love you so much and appreciate you so much.”was among what Pompeo wrote, adding that “the show must go on.”

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It’s also clear that fans are devastated in the comments section.

β€œI’ve been with her all the way through, but the series is nothing without Meredith. No matter who they bring it in, it can’t make up for not having the main character anymore. The whole series is dead to me.”reads one of the many comments.

“My heart is broken now.”writes another, while a third thinks the entire series should be stopped:

β€œThey just have to finish the whole series. Meredith Gray is the whole series. I’m so disappointed that they keep going without you.”

Tired of acting

Pompeo’s resignation has been predicted in many ways, as he has stated several times in the past that it is nearing completion.

She’s now gone forever, and what she wants to do next remains to be seen. However, last year it was reported Maybe you want to give up as an actor. Anyway, you should probably take a break.

I did it on the podcast Ladies First with Laura Brown.

I’m not saying I never want to play again, but I’m not very keen on continuing my acting career, Pompeo said.

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– Even though I haven’t done a bunch of different roles, I feel like I’m done with it, she added.

The 53-year-old expressed that she is no longer excited about life as an actress:

– Sitting in trailers all the time, traveling around, recording this and that everywhere. I don’t need to sit in the trailer at eleven o’clock at night waiting to shoot a scene and other people telling me when I can eat. You know, it’s for guys,” the “Grey’s Anatomy” star said on the podcast.

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