Elliot Page praises Netflix – VG

Elliot Page praises Netflix – VG
Elliot Page: I feel in a way I never thought possible

In the new season of The Umbrella Academy superhero series, we follow Elliot Page in the process from Vanya Hargreeves to Viktor.


In working with the season, there has been a huge focus on incorporating Page’s own experiences into the story.

to me Late Night with Seth Meyers Elliot Page says showrunner Steve Blackman seemed very excited to incorporate the page transition into the show.

He told Big Meyer he would focus on the joy he was feeling.

I feel in a way I never thought possible.

Page also praises the work of journalist Thomas Page McBee, himself a transgender, who was involved in the work on integrating the transition into the show.

McBee writes in Respected Many factors were considered, including how Victor found his gender identity and how he chose to display that identity.

American journalist Thomas Page McBee worked closely with the production of Victor’s story

The story continues into Season 3 where Season 2 left off, so Victor would not have come to that conclusion between seasons. Instead, his transition had to happen in the first few episodes, McBee wrote.

The script for the third season had already been prepared, so the task was to model a transitional storyline on the complex plot of the show. Presented a unique opportunity.

Thomas wrote in the magazine that his story required that “transient” be present as “fabric,” not a distinguishing feature.


Inge Alexander Gestvang, leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, told VG that it was great that it was presented as something normal and not something sick.

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– It’s good that the series can show that transgender is a part of you, but we’re also so much more than just our gender identity. It is just one aspect of many aspects of being human.

Central African Republic leader Inge Alexandre Gestvang

In the series, Victor tells his siblings that he would like to be called Victor, not Vanya. That Victor is what he always has been.

In a sequence where the siblings sit around the table to discuss strategy against the enemy and possibly the end of the world, Paige’s character says he spoke to the enemy alone. The siblings responded by saying: “Who chose you, Vanya?”

From here the page says, “It’s Victor now.”

The siblings ask who Victor is, and on what page you reply: “This is me. He is the person I have always been. And do you have problems with that?”

In the sequence, we see that Victor is afraid of the siblings’ reaction, but the siblings just say “It’s okay with me. Great, I’m happy for you”. Before returning to discuss strategy.

The Umbrella Academy is in its third season on Netflix.

can stand out

Gjestvang also believes that it is very positive to show how Victor’s relatives are responding to what is happening.

Helps show you can stand up without turning into a huge story of suffering.

He adds that there are a lot of stories where it’s hard to be eccentric.

A page in 2020 shared on his social media that he was a trans.

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