Elon Musk: 10% of Tesla employees have to leave

Elon Musk: 10% of Tesla employees have to leave

The Okonomi electronic newspaper spoke the case.

Writes Reuters. Elon Musk believes Tesla will need to reduce staffing by about ten percent.

It appears in an email to top Tesla executives, which Reuters was given access to.

About 100,000 people work for Tesla globally. In other words, the cuts could affect 10,000 employees.

The subject area of ​​the email states: “Global Recruitment Break.”

“I have a really bad feeling when it comes to the economy,” Musk wrote in the email.

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It requires employees to be in the office at least 40 hours per week

Musk said last week that he welcomes the recession. on me Twitter The user asked if Musk still thinks we’re approaching a recession:

Yes, but it is actually a good thing. It’s been raining money on fools for too long. Musk writes that some bankruptcies must occur, and follows them up:

Plus: All the things about “staying home while you have the virus” have fooled people into thinking they don’t have to work hard. Great awakening on the way!

Tesla is an attractive place to work. to me Tesla’s ESG Report 2021The company received three million applicants last year.

The Tesla CEO hasn’t done his best to make tough choices in the past. in In 2018, he sacked nine percent of the organizationa total of 3,000 employees, as part of a comprehensive restructuring.

Musk himself described his driving style as being as detailed as a style nano manager. is known to Push their employees to the max.

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In an email on Tuesday, the Tesla boss demanded that employees bring to the office:

Everyone at Tesla should spend at least 40 hours a week in the office per week. Musk wrote: If you didn’t show up, we’re assuming you quit.

Twitter deal pending

Musk has also been getting a lot of attention around his Twitter acquisition lately.

In late April, it became known that the board of directors of Twitter accepted the offer of Tesla President Elon Musk to buy the entire company.

Musk’s bid amounted to $44 billion, equivalent to 402 billion Norwegian kroner at the then-dollar exchange rate.

However, Musk announced in May that the Twitter deal would be put on hold, pending details confirming Twitter’s claims that fake accounts or spam bots account for less than five percent of revenue-generating daily active users.

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