Elon Musk buys Twitter – Trump could have a big problem

Elon Musk buys Twitter - Trump could have a big problem

In October last year, former President Donald Trump announced that he would start his own social network called Truth Social. This announcement came after Trump himself was banned Twitter for life – Following the storming of the US Congress on January 6 last year.

The reason for Trump’s ban was Twitter’s belief that the then president used social media to incite his supporters to use violence. Facebook also went the same way and banned Trump.

On Monday, it became known that Elon Musk is smiling $44 billion – more than $400 billion – to Twitter. Musk says he wants to make the platform better than ever with new features, making algorithms available and ensuring freedom of expression.

The question is what Donald Trump would do if given the opportunity to return to Twitter.

I want him more than anything

Ståle Lindblad is a consultant in the areas of digitalization and social media. in a column in com 24 Lindblad says this about Musk getting on Twitter:

– It may turn out to be a big problem for Donald Trump and his Truth Social.

Lindblad thinks Trump wants to get back on Twitter, if given the chance.

If Musk lets in Trump and his supporters, there would be no reason to join the Truth Social, Lindblad tells Dagbladet.

He notes that Truth Social has only 1.3 million registered users, and fewer users of the service are using it. On the other hand, Twitter has 217 million active users.

Before Trump’s ban, he had over 80 million followers. However, he himself says that he will not return to Twitter.

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– I will not go back to Twitter, I will stay on the truth. I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’s going to make improvements and because he’s a good guy . Trump said in an interview Fox News.

Lindblad does not believe this:

Trump and everyone around him want more than anything to get back on Twitter, even though Trump says he doesn’t. Lindblad says he hasn’t said much about anything else since he was fired.

a race: When Donald Trump saw how he was being filmed in the promo of an interview he gave to TV journalist Piers Morgan, he was furious. This video shows how the interview ended. Video: Piers Morgan Uncensored. Reporter: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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number of problems

After the launch of the Truth Social service, it became known that there were a number of issues with the service. Washington Post He writes that the service has lost investors and three CEOs have resigned. Avisa also wrote that Trump hasn’t posted posts for several weeks.

The Washington Post reports that when Truth Social launched in February, it had been downloaded 179,000 times on the day it was launched. Since then, the number of new users of the service has fallen sharply. On March 31, the service received just 6,000 new users.

The Washington Post concludes:

Here’s a fact former President Donald Trump doesn’t want to hear: His Truth Social network is collapsing.

Trump, according to Washington Post sources, should be angry at the lack of progress.

Lindblad points out that Truth Social does not have enough users to be able to create a large environment. He points out that the idea behind Truth Social is that Trump and his supporters who have been kicked out of Twitter should have a platform.

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You can’t create a large environment when you target such a small group, says Lindblad.

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