Elon Musk cannot become president in the Nordic countries – E24

Elon Musk cannot become president in the Nordic countries – E24
Up Westerveld Director of People and Brands at Vipps.

Why buy a company, and then destroy the culture and people there at the first opportunity?

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    Head of People and Brand at Vipps

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In recent weeks, there has been another storm around Elon Musk.

On Wednesday, December 21, he announced his resignation as head of Twitter.

If that happens? we will. He once regretted his country formulationsbut they also demonstrated remarkable ability to execute – despite what people might think.

Even if he relinquishes his position as director, he continues as owner and chairman of the board – and must appoint his successor.

Any kind of leader in charge can be make or break for Twitter, which has lost an amazing number of customers and a lot of trust in a very short time.

in a His first email Musk wrote to his colleagues on Twitter that the home office is over. Since then I gave people The warning About working “hard” or quitting smoking, making a bedroom into an office, and Layoffs who disagrees with him.

For me, this is the opposite of “hardcore”. The important thing is not the hours you spend in the office, but what you actually accomplish. It is more “insistent” to dare to disagree internally, build trust between completely different environments, and relentlessly care about user experience. Psychological security is the mother of all sustainable innovation.

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Twitter’s value is not technology. or user base. or advertisers. It is the people who work there who create values ​​in the company. They are the ones who write the code, build the user experience, and create the brand.

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Musk reveals an incredibly outdated view of leadership in his overhaul of Twitter. If research on management finds in high-performing cultures and companies with a high degree of independent, highly educated employees – trust begets ownership begets responsibility begets results. Managers who let go of control get employees who offer empathy in return — not just blindly following instructions.

It creates more creativity. Increases loyalty to the workplace. People join the project because they believe in it.

Musk should be inspired by the Nordic model when choosing a new leader.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries The Nordic countries are among the most productive in the world, although we are by far the ones who put in the most hours. Often cited reasons are good work-life balance, flat structure and high confidence.

Don’t just make people feel good; They work well too. Ilkka Paananen, founder of Finnish gaming company Supercell, recently spoke about exactly this at the Slushi conference in Helsinki. Titled ‘The Nordic Way of Leadership’, Pananen said: ‘In the Nordic countries, trust is built in society – and this is reflected in our companies. We exercise less control, we execute faster and we need
Don’t ask for permission.”

This is as far from Musk’s leadership style as possible.

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