Elon Musk Names Former Head of Advertising at NBC as Twitter Successor – NRK Urix Foreign News & Documentaries

Elon Musk Names Former Head of Advertising at NBC as Twitter Successor – NRK Urix Foreign News & Documentaries

“I will quit as soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the job,” Musk tweeted about his job as president in December.

The Tesla founder has been under a lot of pressure to find someone else to run Twitter since he bought the platform for around NOK 470 billion.

He announced on Thursday that he had now found a successor. He did not give a name, but said it would start working in six weeks.

And on Friday, he confirmed it was Yacarino.

Twitter's new CEO

Musk was on stage with Yaccarino during a marketing conference last month.

Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP

Musk says he will remain involved with Twitter as head of design and technology, while Yaccarino will focus on the company’s operations.

It would also turn Twitter into an “enabled app” under the name X, he tweeted as well.

Many large companies stopped investing in the platform after Musk took over, in part because of skepticism about the major changes he introduced.

He himself admits that his income has decreased “significantly”, but he he told the BBC Last month that investors were on their way back.

Twitter profile of Linda Iaccarino

Screenshot of Linda Yaccarino’s Twitter profile when the news became known on May 12.

Photo: screenshot / Oda Eggesbø Ottesen

Tough negotiator

NBCUniversal says Yaccarino left his current job “with immediate effect” after working for it for 12 years.

The Wall Street Journal previously wrote that she was in conversation with the social media giant about the position.

According to the newspaper, she is known for her close relationships with marketers and advertising agencies.

She also says she has a reputation for being a tough negotiator.

Twitter's new CEO

Downsizing, constant rule changes, and many other measures have kept a number of advertisers away from Twitter.

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP

According to her LinkedIn profile, Yaccarino also works with the World Economic Forum (WEF), by appointing a working group and as a member of a steering committee related to the media, entertainment and cultural industries.

According to her NBCUniversal profile, she has managed a global team of around 2,000 people, and has brought in over a thousand billion crowns through her advertising campaigns.

“do it or quit”

Today, Twitter can be seen as a “burning platform,” says Torgir Waterhouse, founder of ICT consulting service Ota.

– A place where the staff is awake, the advertisers are awake, and there is a lot of noise. So it’s considered a “make or break” kind of situation, he says.

– One must succeed in restoring this platform, in creating trust in the market between users and advertisers, and simply in building what used to be a great platform.

Torgeir Waterhouse is an IT expert, lobbyist and partner at the consulting firm Ooty.

IT expert Torgeir Waterhouse is excited about whether Twitter will be able to keep its users.

Photo: Robert Runing/Robert Runing/NRK

This rescue comes at a time when there are many types of new services on the market, which would require an “aggressive shift” on Twitter’s part, according to Waterhouse.

But it may be Yaccarino’s advertising skills that save the day, he says. As long as Musk isn’t steering the coaster from the backseat, fine.

– He is a very visual person, and visual people take up a lot of space. There is always a risk that many people will take care of him and not the new boss.

– There is also a risk that the new director will not be given the required freedom, which is also something that remains to be seen.

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