Elon Musk, Tesla | Elon Musk responds strongly to the oil fund

Elon Musk, Tesla |  Elon Musk responds strongly to the oil fund

This was Elon Musk's response to a post on X, where Zerohedge believes Norway should sell its 31.6 million TSLA shares.

“If they had conducted a poll among those who voted, they would have discovered overwhelming support in his favour,” Musk wrote in response to the post on the right-wing liberal financial blog and news site Zerohedge.

Zerohedge responds to a post from BloombergIt was reported that Norway will vote against a $56 million salary package for Tesla Inc.

There has been a great deal of debate over whether Musk will get the NOK 600 billion salary package he wants.

The Norwegian Petroleum Fund had previously voted no, but there will be a new vote on June 13.

“We remain concerned about the overall size of the award, the structure given the outcome, and the dilution and non-mitigation of key person risks,” Norges Bank Investment Management says in a statement on Saturday.

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So far, nearly 90% of private investors who voted have voted in favor of both outcomes, Musk adds in his post.

I stopped following Tangen

After oil fund manager Nikolai Tangen said the Norwegian oil fund did not support the salary package, Musk turned to X.

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He has now stopped following Tangen on the platform, according to Big Tech Alert, which provides an overview of who follows who at the top in the tech industry on X.

As of Sunday, Nikolai Tangen was one of 600 users followed by Musk.

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