– embarrassing and shameful – VG

- embarrassing and shameful - VG

(Bodø/Glimt – Odd 7–0) Kjetil Knutsen’s men continue to show frightening form in a demanding and important fall. On Saturday, they put together a real soccer lesson on their home ground against the guests from Skien.


The performance at Aspmyra on Saturday night had the commentator and Eurosport expert impressed for the host team and shook their heads in the guests’ faces.

– It is impossible to understand and understand how naked this strange team is. Commentator Peter Bo Tostrode said they face a supernatural force that is hard to stop.

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Embarrassing and shameful, expert Christian Josth added before continuing:

– They should make a personal apology to those who attended the Aspmyra. It does not belong to this level here.

Herget: Pellegrino’s hopes and Hugo Vettelsen were almost unstoppable against Odd on Saturday night.

– cruel

Because yellow and black did not give up until they put seven balls into the individual goal.

Although the away team tried to defend themselves with several men in the depths of their own half, they could not stop Amal Pellegrino and Hugo Vettelsen.

They scored two goals and three points each before Renar Esbjord and Ulrich Saltnis added the score 7-0.

It was actually Odd’s biggest series loss since 0-7 against Rosenborg back in 2011.

In other words, it was a groundbreaking evening for coach Pål Arne “Paco” Johansen.

– It’s brutal and confirms how good it was to beat them a month ago. We can fight to become champions of the league in Lithuania, but not in Norway, he began in an interview with Eurosport after the match.

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He believes his team was simply paralyzed by Glimt’s early goal.

Difficult experience. He says we have to go home, train, get better.

The referee was harsh, at least on his players.

– It’s the worst thing I’ve seen on a football field. We just have to apologize to everyone who cheered on Odd, says goalkeeper Leopold Wahlstedt.

Blitung’s Day in Action: For odd full-back Joseph Bakay (front) and goalkeeper Leopold Walhstedt.

“Now we are Bodo/Glimt,” coach Kjetil Knutsen told the club’s Twitter account.

since then The shocking 1-0 loss to Linfield in the Champions League qualifiers In mid-July, Glimt scored no less than 27 goals in his last five matches in all competitions. This gives an average goal score of 5.4 goals per game.

– A wonderful evening. First hat-trick (three goals in the same match). It tastes incredibly delicious. An unforgettable evening, quite simply, Hugo Wittelsen told Eurosport after the match.

It took Pellegrino just a quarter of an hour to score 1-0 from an acute corner and into the far corner. After a short time, Vetlesen will be no worse. From a distance and in front of the odd defense and odd supporter, he hit the ball into the crossbar from about 16 metres.

The attacking duo scored one evenly in the last minutes of the first half. Only when Pellegrino took advantage of a massive defensive blunder by Odds Thomas Rekdal. From a distance of 20 meters he shot the ball into the half-empty goal.

One minute later, Vetlesen was responsible for the game’s impressive performance as he ran into the 16-meter Odd with Salomon Owusu and the aforementioned Rekdal before scoring 4-0.

A few visitors from Skien saw Vetlesen increase to 5-0, before Runar Espejord and Ulrik Saltnes completed the humiliation.

Another Champions League qualifier match is already awaiting on Tuesday, while Glimt travels to Sarpsborg for another league match in a week’s time.

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