Embarrassing Fear Scenes: – Unbelievable

Embarrassing Fear Scenes: - Unbelievable
  • Manchester United – Brentford, 21.00

Tonight, Manchester United plays their last home game of the season. Discount Brentford. And at Old Trafford, it sways even to a sultry evening.

Manchester United risks embarrassment. The newspaper wrote that supporters are planning protests ahead of the honor round telegraph.

– Manchester United players will pay tribute to the fans despite the miserable season and the protests Watchman.

Honor Round: A classic round of honors in the last home game for Manchester United players. They have children and thank the audience for the season. Here from 2016, Wayne Rooney led the players with his son Kai. Photo: NTB
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Storavisa The Sun highlights the possible hasty decision to dismiss Ole Gunnar Solskjær in November. Long-time Avisa reporter, Neil Costis, says:

On November 20, the team lost 4-1 at the hands of Watford, who are now on their way to the championship, and the match was ended by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Of all the managerial departures since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013, this one has hurt everyone involved with the club.

Veteran Journalist: Neil Costis.  Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland

Veteran Journalist: Neil Costis. Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland
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Costis continues:

Solskjaer will always be a legend at Old Trafford, just as he is one of the good boys in football. As he himself said: He was very close to getting the club back to where it should be.

It’s unbelievable to think that this team finished second in the series last season and reached the Europa League final. That was before Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo arrived.

Behind: Current book Mick Clegg has worked closely with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for a number of years and told a number of stories in this interview with Dagbladet
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Before the last game at home against Brentford, the team is in sixth place, 28 points behind league leaders Manchester City. This is despite the fact that the team played one more game.

It’s the ‘1958’ support group that initiated the protests tonight.

The protests are targeting the family of United’s owner – the Glazers – and the plan is to get out of Old Trafford 17 minutes before the end. This is related to the fact that the Americans came 17 years ago.

– We urge all United fans to leave their seats at the 73rd minute. Every minute of every year, these once-big football club have been exhausted by these parasites, according to The 1958 social media post.

– This match has a global TV audience and that message will be strong.


Don’t forget Avram Glazer’s comment that “these things are exploding.”

Although it is clear that many of the United players have performed poorly, the aggressiveness of the fans is directed at the owners.

The downside is that they suck resources out of the club, instead of adding money to it. The stadium in disrepair – and the absence of a prominent sporting director – are examples of what many believe does not exist.

Manchester United have two away matches against Brighton and Crystal Palace. But the Tour of Honor – which also tends to involve many of the players’ children – is a tradition in their last home game.

from the archive: Ralf Rangnick has been appointed as the new interim manager of Manchester United. He replaces Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Video: red card. Photos/Music: Scanpix/Epidemic Sound.
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With so much resentment around the club, the question is what happens this time around. On the other hand, fans are asked to leave before the end of the match. On the other hand, many want to step back and express their dissatisfaction with everything and everyone.

Manchester United players will go on a show of gratitude after the match against Brentford, the Guardian writes.

– This is despite the realization that it could lead to a deluge of expressions of discontent from fans, who have been very disappointed with the season.

Moreover, it is called:

– This season there was a change of manager. Ralf Rangnick was given temporary responsibility after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was dismissed in November. It was a poor result in the Champions League, after losing to Atlético Madrid in the quarter-finals. A number of achievements led to criticism, especially from Rangnick himself, regarding the players’ looks and dedication.

from the archive: The Manchester United star was not happy with anything after the loss to Everton on Saturday 9 April. Now he apologizes for his anger. Video: Youtube / Direktesport / Red Bull
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It is already clear that Erik ten Hag will be the new manager as of the summer. The man who comes from the Amsterdam giant Ajax must rebuild a new one. It would probably happen without Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Edinson Cavani, Nemanja Matic and Jesse Lingard.

The club consists of more questions than answers. But first, Brentford is waiting.

The match starts at 21.00.

Premier League

Manchester C. 34 26 5 3 84 21 83
Liverpool 34 25 7 2 86 22 82
Chelsea 34 19 9 6 68 29 66
Arsenal 34 20 3 11 54 41 63
Tottenham 34 19 4 11 59 39 61
Manchester U. 35 15th 10 10 54 52 55
West Ham 35 15th 7 13 53 46 52
Wolverhampton 34 15th 4 15th 33 32 49
Brighton 35 10 14 11 34 42 44
New Castle 35 11 10 14 40 56 43
Lister 33 11 9 13 48 54 42
Crystal Palace 34 9 14 11 45 42 41
Aston Villa 33 12 4 17 44 46 40
Brentford 34 11 7 16 41 49 40
Southampton 35 9 13 13 41 58 40
Burnley 34 7 13 14 31 46 34
Leeds 34 8 10 16 38 72 34
Everton 33 9 5 19 35 55 32
Watford 34 6 4 24 32 69 22
Norwich 34 5 6 23 22 71 21

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