Emily Neering, Celebrity | Emilie Nereng cries on Instagram: – I chose to be alone

Emily Neering, Celebrity |  Emilie Nereng cries on Instagram: - I chose to be alone

Influencer Emily Neering (26 years old) recently went through major changes in her life. In the late summer it became known that Her fiancé, Torger Glumnis Johansen (33 years old) has split up After six years together. Soon, they had Shared apartment in Oslo put up for sale.

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Earlier this month, I was also able to reveal that Bought a new apartment after breaking upIt seems that the hard time is over.

But with moving, shopping for a new home and a lot of stress, the influencer has been open with his social media followers in recent days that it’s not all rosy right now.

“System Plus”

On Wednesday evening, in a story post on Instagram, Nereng shared a tearful video of herself saying that she’s put on a lot of weight in recent weeks.

What she refers to as “the little things” has taken up more space than she expected, and she admits that the things that happen in her life can sometimes overflow.

– No wonder I have such small malfunctions, of course, but what I malfunction now are such “little things”. She says in the video it’s just a sign that I’m getting very nervous during the day.

I let myself stress about things that are completely unimportant, so it’s really just a sign that I need to relax and things will work out.

– He chose to be alone

Neering says she sought advice from her father over the phone and that she finally chose to write a list of things she had been stressing about in recent days.

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At first, the points on the list were something she thought was very important to get done, but she says she realizes it’s not important when all is said and done.

It is important that I focus on the right things. I chose to be alone, says the influencer with a lump in his throat and continues:

– I think there are a lot of exciting things about that exactly. But I think when I get a little “system overload” like now, it’s very hard to focus on the right things. This is when I stress over unimportant things.

Emily Neering has not yet answered Netavizen’s inquiries.

Breach, buying and selling

As mentioned, Neering confirmed that she and her six-year-old fiancé went their separate ways in August. I did it in a candid post on Instagram.

“It’s hard to write this but it seems right to share it; my partner and I decided over 6 years ago to go our separate ways. I just have nice things to say about him and the relationship we had. We are good friends and kind to each other in all of this, but Of course this is very painful as well.” I wrote in the post.

Neering confirmed it was something they came up with together.

“But when life is turned upside down, I take the rule of my life with me in all of this: You have to make the most of the situation you are in. Fortunately, I have the best family and friends around me.” concluded.

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Soon, she also shared the news that they did If the apartment they bought for 8.3 million together in July 2017. Five years later, the apartment has risen in value and is put up for sale at Finn The proposed price is ten million crowns. Built in 1896, the apartment has been described as “a wonderful gem of an apartment”.

The apartment was sold on September 12 for NOK 100,000 above the asking price, and according to documents seen by Nettavisen, Nereng was entitled to more than NOK 5.8 million for sale.

right after that She bought her new apartment in Grünerløkka in Oslo for 5.85 million NOK.

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