Emily Nehring, Farm Famous| Emily Nearing got 'Farmers' viewers on their backs: – Very uncomfortable

Emily Nehring, Farm Famous|  Emily Nearing got 'Farmers' viewers on their backs: – Very uncomfortable

MÅNEFISKEN / OSLO (Nettavisen) Emily Nehring (28 years old) has gained momentum in this year's “Farmen kjendis” season.

In particular, the election of Kato's big farmer Zal Pedersen (65 years old) as the first champion caused the reactions of many people, and later, Neering faced an unprecedented storm of criticism. When Nettavisen meets her at the last party, she doesn't hide that it's been difficult.

– There is no point in regretting, because what happened is done. “But I would like to be away from everything that happened,” Neering says.

In standby mode

Even though it has been a few weeks since the first champion was elected, Niering is still receiving criticism from viewers.

– Things have not completely settled down, she admits.

– So, unfortunately, I had to be on a little extra preparation before each episode, because I feel like I was being closely monitored about my behavior and what I said.

The 28-year-old has participated in several other TV shows in the past, but has never been subjected to viewer hate in this way.

– So it was very uncomfortable. This is new to me, I did not expect it.

Benefit from psychological services

Nereng has taken several measures to overcome the past few weeks and all the comments.

– I stay away from comment fields and things like that. TV 2 also has a psychologist we can reach and I spoke to him.

Among other things, the psychiatrist told her not to delve into the matter and bury herself.

– So I did it. I've also been very good at involving people in my life and saying I'm having a bit of a hard time and need support. I energized everyone around me,” she says.

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At the same time, she realized that perhaps she should stay away from similar concepts in the future.

– Maybe I should avoid doing things like that, for my part. I can't be on shows that focus too much on social aspects and such. There should be more competition or exercise, and more of that focus, Neering says.

– But the “farm” is something completely unique. The obligation of the “farmers” is a completely separate thing. Things like this happen every year.

He gets support from Pedersen

Kato Zal Pedersen, who thus stood on the other side of the first champion election that angered viewers, does not find himself in the storm of criticism to which Neering has been subjected recently.

“It is very painful to feel how unfairly you have been treated,” he tells Netavisen.

“It was completely wrong and unreasonable,” he adds.

Pedersen believes it's okay to say you disagree on some things, but it would be completely wrong to get personal:

– It's one thing to say that was a bad choice, but to call her a bad person…she's not. And I don't accept that. Poor thing, she really doesn't deserve this.

Nehring is grateful for Pedersen's support.

– The truth is that he also comes out and says that he is not worthy, I can really do that. “All of us participants supported each other, and it was very nice,” she says, adding that she and Pedersen had a good dialogue throughout.

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