Emily Ratajkowski: — That’s totally on the nose

Emily Ratajkowski: — That’s totally on the nose

Old TV clips are constantly cropping up on the TikTok app, and these days you get it Ellen DeGeneres (64) drove on the platform.

Now get an old interview DeGeneres did with her Taylor Swift (33) In 2012 a lot of attention.

The 64-year-old is receiving criticism for how she treated the 23-year-old Swift in the interview.

– Is that crazy

Actor and model Emily Ratajkowski (31) Among those who interact with a TikTok video.

“This is totally visible. She’s literally telling her to stop,” Ratajkowski writes under the video.

A clip from 2012 is set against another Swift interview with presenter Zane Lowe (49) from 2019.

Extra Magazine And New York Post Among the media covering the case.

Hard to get out: Pop star Mariah Carey remembers well when she visited Ellen DeGeneres in 2008. She gladly doesn’t look back on the visit, and now she’s deeply at odds with the talk show host. Pictures from TV3.
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Be uncomfortable

The “Thatnostalgicgirl” fan profile behind the TikTok video suggests that Swift discussed her experience on “The Ellen show” with Lowe, but this has not been confirmed.

The star told Lowe that she felt uncomfortable when she was younger, and that people often wanted to talk to her about who she was dating.

“They decided my songwriting was a gimmick, not a skill,” Swift told Lowe, adding:

– It’s a way of taking a woman who succeeds at doing her job and trying to downplay that skill entirely.

Back: Talk show star Ellen DeGeneres is back on screen after a turbulent summer, and she started the broadcast by explaining some of the accusations that have been leveled against her. Video: Red Runner / Viaplay
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– I will not do

Swift also said that a slideshow of her dating life was made in an interview, which is very reminiscent of a 2012 interview with DeGeneres.

It showed photos of Swift with a number of different guys, including Taylor Lautner (30) and Justin Bieber (28), on a big screen.

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The talk show host tried to get the singing star to reveal the boys she sings about in her songs.

“I don’t want to,” she begged when DeGeneres asked her to ring the bell when the photo of the right guy came out.

New York Post She reached out to DeGeneres’ rep for comment, but it was unsuccessful.

“The Ellen Show” was taken off the screen after last year’s season. Among other things, as a result of Reports from employees about misconduct, bullying, and racism in the workplace.

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