Emily Schoolman met herself at the door:

Emily Schoolman met herself at the door:

Actress Emily Schoolman (31) was seen in NRK's ​​'24-Star Christmas Calendar' in December.

When Se and Hør were present during the first concert in Brød og Sirkus, we met an excited Skolmen.

“I can't do this anymore”

-There's a lot I'm afraid of being shown on TV. especially. I laughed, feeling a little anxious about the whole thing.

– Embarrassing and uncomfortable

This was her first time participating in a competition-based reality show, and she could see that accepting it was scary.

-And at the same time, this is exactly why I do it. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and push myself a little – and I had a lot of fun! She said.

– How is your competitive instinct?

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– I was very surprised by exactly that. I thought I was lying like this in the middle of the tree, but I met myself there at the door. I had an uncharmingly strong competitive instinct, and I was a little out of my head. In the stupidest and stupidest competitions, it was like life and death. Now I know what a bubble is anyway, she laughed and continued:

- I've heard that many times

– I've heard that many times

– It was all awkward and uncomfortable, but in the end you had no more dignity, so you had to keep going.

I will give this to my son

Christmas is quickly approaching, a holiday close to the 31-year-old's heart.

-I'm so happy at Christmas, so I go around singing and crying to each other during the day. I get very emotional, and just enjoy myself.

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It was made extra special after she and partner Henrik Aspflaten, 32, became parents to a little boy in January last year.

-I have a huge number of Christmas traditions, and the problem now is that I have my family with whom I will create new traditions. Then I couldn't quite place myself, so now there's more and more. I don't even know where to start.

- Don't get to do that again

– Don't get to do that again

However, she has no doubts about the tradition that is important to pass on to her son.

-I think the Christmas joy my parents gave us is that magical happiness. Not much is needed at all. My mother has always been very good at creating a special atmosphere in the house at Christmas time.

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