Emma Ellingsen is done dating

Emma Ellingsen is done dating

This past Saturday, the stage was set for this year’s Rainbow Gala, a star-studded and resplendent event at Château Neuf in Oslo. Emma Ellingen (21) and Nouman Mobasher (48) were given the honorable task of entertaining the audience during the evening.

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Dagbladet was present for the occasion and chatted with the former on the red carpet. Ellingsen was clear that she was very much looking forward to being the host of the LGBT community that evening.

– I’m nervous, but I think it’s going to be a great show with a lot of life. “We’re having fun and my nerves go away as soon as I get on stage,” she said with a big smile.

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I’m done dating

The 21-year-old, who made her debut as host at the awards show that evening, told Dagbladet she had several things going on in the day. Unfortunately, she could not reveal the details, but said that she hopes to make her acting debut in 2023.

He reveals relocation plans

He reveals relocation plans

When asked how things are with love, she quickly answers:

– No, I’ve now canceled everything with dating. I told everyone, or didn’t I tell there were many, but a few, that I should focus on myself now.

– Why?

– I’m just tired of men, I can’t stand it, she says and adds, laughing:

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– but we’ll see how long it lasts, I go up and down a lot on this. Sometimes I think: “No more dating,” and other times I have to drive.

You must be respectful

When asked what kind of man she might be looking for, Ellingsen replied that it’s a little hard to put her finger on.

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The man's dream veil lights up

The man’s dream veil lights up

– I am a person who can see a guy and think: “You. If we both started talking, I would have fallen in love. But when it comes to looks, my brown hair and brown eyes are falling out really fast. she said with a sly smile.

But it’s not just looks that influencers care about.

– It is very important for me that he is kind and respectful to everyone. He’s nice and doesn’t go to his friends and talk shit just because he has something to talk about.

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