End of iconic nightclub: – Sorry

End of iconic nightclub: - Sorry

The iconic nightclub Stratos has risen to the top of Youngstorket in central Oslo since the 1930s.

The 260-square-meter roof terrace has been a favorite spot in Oslo’s nightlife in recent years. This month, however, it’s over.

The site’s website states that since the building was completed in 1935, the two upper floors have served as a kind of restaurant.

Initially, there was a restaurant “on the roof of the city”, both a cafe and a restaurant sponsored by several entertainment associations over the years.

Increased competition from liquor stores eventually led to poor funding, he writes Avisa Oslo, The first mention of the case.

Students are coming: In Bergen, just before the epidemic period of the epidemic begins, owner Tom Tom Greene is getting ready. Video: Magnus Boss.
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– Sadness

Jama Awale and partner Kim Zoiland have held the iconic position on the BOSLO Group for over ten years.

Five years ago, the farm owner told both of them that it would be the end of this year, and that the premises would be used for something else. He did not hide the fact that closing the doors was a disgrace.

– Avale tells Parsons that this is sad, obvious, and very unfortunate for Oslo citizens.

– The truth we have known for five years is that I was able to process it: trauma, grief and emotions throughout the record. If you know the deadline, it’s extra sensitive, he adds.

- SORROW: Kim Choiland (left) and Jama Awale (right) have been running Stratos for the past ten years.  Photo: Lars Peter Peterson
– OK: Kim Zoeland (left) and Jama Avale (right) have been running Stratos for the past ten years. Photo: Lars Peter Peterson
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Ror Tun, general manager at YoungStorket Real Estate, says he is very happy with the current tenants, but further surgery is not possible.

– We concluded that the building does not have structural facilities in line with current operations, and five years ago, we informed them to create a predictable character, Tun tells Parson.

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The transportation of scrap materials and up to 300 people upstairs, as a heavy function, also points to the depreciation of the building.

In 1935, they had slightly different prerequisites and slightly different fire technology solutions. We have made countless attempts to find a solution to the escape routes, and we have only partially succeeded.

He adds that they had a constructive and good collaboration with byOSLO.

– There is nothing wrong with them, it was nice to have them at home. There is a time for everything and it is definitely sad when the day is here.

Recreating the magic

From the beginning, there were various actors who held that space on the roof of the Labor building. Avale says ByOSLO has a solid functionality.

With the exception of the summer opening for the man on the street, with about 220 events a year, we have provided a well-functioning ship and business model. Avale says it has a turnover of 27-28 million per year and a profit of 10-12 per cent per annum.

He says the event market accounts for 80 percent of sales.

The couple will be out of work right now as they run several nightclubs in central Oslo: Justicen, F6, Natre Loca Cocktail Bar and PA3 to name a few – and the Stratos heir is not far off, reveals to Avale Parson.

– Let us now proceed to the components provided by Stratos. So we talk to some actors. Nothing has landed yet, but we hope to recreate the magic on another roof in our beloved Oslo.

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