Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg and Maren Lundby

Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg and Maren Lundby

The It may seem quite a coincidence that the cross-country star Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg happily shares that she has received Certified health certificate Again, a few hours after yesterday, Maren Lundby Accused Sports commentator at NRK for lack of knowledge about how the jump ring works to maintain the best possible weight for competition.

Unfortunately, this is not the case:

  • Norwegian champions in sport are still judged on men’s terms.

Or as one player asked skeptically the Cross Country star from Earth at Olympiatoppen yesterday morning:

How often do you weigh yourself, Engfield?

and then Even the easily spoken cross country runner had to take a small break.

For about an hour he talked candidly about his weight challenges in front of a group of men without That some had apparently brought with them something special. Then she answered the man/journalist who asked: “You may not have anything to do with that»

The unwise question is the result of the skewed distribution of power in Norwegian sport, with a clear majority of men as coaches and coaches and not least as mediators in the sports media.

This power relationship mess for important stories. Like, for example, the stories about why two sober and knowledgeable athletes like Ingvild Flugstad Østberg and Maren Lundby have been put on the sidelines in recent years due to weight issues:

When you are not treated with respect, I find it very boring. I don’t like things written about me that aren’t trueAnd the So Marin yesterday.

Because no one likes to be stuck doubting that as an adult, you are not in control of your daily life.

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Whereas what it doesn’t really do is correct a high-profile athletic career with physical demands that itself balances on a knife’s edge.

The This is where the male narrator snarls:

  • Does anyone think NRK would have discussed the possibility of anyone gaining weight The remembrance Jumps in the entertainment program “Shall we dance?” , and talk about it Luckily found his way toMaybe it was the actual normal version of herself»? So that it got too heavy?

This review is a substantial warning to Maren Lundby based on the fact that sport is best governed by the ideas and ideals of men.

And the paternalistic instinct of an NRK commentator on whether it’s really Marine tolerate More jumping, shows another good tip from him to offer a health certificate in showjumping as well. In other words, get the safest possible professional monitor for sports along with today BMI requirements.

will help Everyone Athletes, regardless of gender, have to endure the accompanying stress of gaining the perfect fit for height.

In the meantime It would be best for us sportscasters to understand a little more about what it means to be under stress. The Engfield Flugstad Ostberg story shows that,

It could hardly have started ugliest From that morning in Betustolen three years ago when Engfield stood on stage at the local pub and tried to explain what had happened when her health certificate was suddenly denied:

Talking about this should be easierAnd the So I assumed all the journalists understood that her stammering words and feelings were about diet and exercise.

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For us in the hall, it was nothingNo doubt about it, but the couple didn’t let it be that easy boys In the Norwegian sports press Ingvild to flee The biggest sporting defeat of his life.

they demanded the details About refusing to start on the table after that and there. They wanted to hear Engfield say it correct the name Based on her own diagnosis, though, neither Engfield nor her doctors know exactly.

journalists The pressure on Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg after her confidence on stage is one of the most unthinkable media demands I’ve experienced as a sports journalist.

The uproar showed how the skewed distribution of power in sports news dissemination overshadowed the weight of the issue itself. who – which One Among the top cross country girls, she honestly told how she felt about the grueling requirements of less weight in her sport.

So Ingvild also considered that session unfair:

I received a message as brutal and painful as I could. It was very violent. At the same time, I felt like I was in it and tried to say as honestly as possible. Then I come back it was almost the oppositeAnd the So She said at yesterday’s press conference, adding:

That was the worst part about it.

but Engfield didn’t stop there. After three years of trying to be honest with the most personal of people, you know Little More on how this biased media coverage works:

I’m standing here and talking about everything that went well. bye bye. Then I hope it goes well, and I will work for itShe said and continued:

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but about it Not You should do it, I know how this works. Then I put everything back on track:But you stood on top of the Olympics in November and said this and that. That everything will be fine….».

I know how this works. I know what I can get away withI repeated in a slightly trembling voice in the middle of the session which was supposed to be nice.

Then she carefully added:

I just try to stand as straight as possible.

between two I hope our sports heroes are good enough. Yes, many of them have privileged access. This also applies to these two. But there’s no shortage of driving when the wind is spinning.

Winter will show how that pressure plays with Maren Lundby and Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg going forward. Their sports are there with physical demands that lie on the border For what athletes can afford. It’s the sport’s own job to make sure that these requirements don’t do that Transformation Those limits, and the media’s job is to verify exactly that.

But in the meantime, we must treat boys and girls equally in Norway’s number one sport.

Unfortunately, this has not happened now.

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