English Premier League, Chelsea | Carragher sparked outrage after Tuchel’s comments. Now he replies:

English Premier League, Chelsea |  Carragher sparked outrage after Tuchel's comments.  Now he replies:

Last week, British authorities imposed a number of harsh penalties against Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, among others. It has created a lot of uncertainty over the future of the London club – also for coach Thomas Tuchel.

As a result of the sanctions, Sky Sports expert Jamie Carragher recently suggested that Manchester United, who are looking for a permanent manager, take advantage of the situation and bring in Tuchel.

On Monday night’s Sky Sports, Carragher said the comments were met with intense criticism among Chelsea fans.

You could say I had some heated discussions at Stamford Bridge yesterday (Sunday) and the Chelsea supporters. Like all the other fans, they are very passionate about their club. As the situation is now, it seems that the world is attacking them, and they are defending the club.

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However, the reaction of Chelsea fans does not change Carragher’s view on the matter.

I don’t want to change my mind about it, and the reason I think it’s a bit hypocritical of Chelsea supporters is that if a team like Manchester United thinks they can get their coach, or people think they can get Chelsea players and take advantage of the situation, that’s Exactly what Chelsea have been doing for 20 years.

Furthermore, Carragher has been in contact with a number of somewhat controversial acquisitions with Chelsea – or takeover attempts – since Abramovich took over the club in 2003.

– That was the important thing when Roman Abramovich came. “We can spend our money and get what we want.” “We will look at Manchester United, they are a money machine and we want to be that. We are choosing their CEO Peter Kenyon.” “We will look at Liverpool and choose the best midfielder in Europe and destroy this club in two summers.” And he continues:

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– “We’ll get Ashley Cole, who was part of ‘Invincibles’ and won everything with Arsenal. Yeah, let’s get it. We’re taking for it to break the transitional rules, it doesn’t matter, we can just pay the fine.” England had a good run with Sven Goran Eriksson. “England coach? No, we want him as Chelsea coach. Nothing we think about what he does with England, we will receive him and pay the fine, no need to worry.”

– It’s just facts

At the same time, Carragher was not significantly influenced by the club’s strategy in regards to the youth academy.

They win the FA Youth Cup every year or reach the final, not because they have the best coaches or the best academy, but because they practically go in and get the best players from every club in this country and take the family and give their dad a job as a scout.

Chelsea Football Club has taken advantage of all the other clubs in the last 20 years because of Roman Abramovich. So if I have an opinion about someone taking advantage of them… these are just facts. This is life and this is how things can go for Chelsea now, they just have to accept it.

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– You don’t want them to face the wall

However, Carragher notes that he does not agree with all the penalties imposed on Chelsea. He is very hopeful that the London club will get out of the difficult situation.

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Some things with Chelsea, with the goal of closing down the club store and preventing children from putting Mason Mount on the back of the suit, I disagree with. And I definitely don’t want Chelsea facing the wall, I don’t want that at all.

“But if that’s my opinion, I certainly don’t want Chelsea fans to question my opinion next time, because that’s exactly what Chelsea have been doing for 20 years,” says Carragher.

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