– Enjoy it while it lasts – V.G

- Enjoy it while it lasts - V.G
Summer in Oslo: Mathias Haukom (24) jumps over Ole Mathias Ishoel (23), Aled Muren (24) and a group of friends at Tjuvholmen in Oslo on Sunday.

Sunday was one of the hottest days of summer in Oslo, but now it’s the end of the southern mood in southern and eastern Norway. There will be rain, lightning and thundershowers.

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The radiant sun in southern and eastern Norway over the past week has created a southern atmosphere for Øya public and bathing, and on Sunday the Meteorological Agency measured the summer maximum temperature for Blindern at 28.2 degrees in Oslo.

But now there will be a gap. This is good news for brown meadows and empty water bodies.

– I live in Bergen, so I had to go to Oslo to get some sunshine, says Matthias Hauholm (24). He and his group of friends are among those enjoying themselves at Tjuvholmen on this warm Sunday.

– We met to play volleyball, but it got too hot, so we had to go here to jump in the lake. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Aftermath: Friends Sinne Vigane (24) and Matthias Houholm (24) are still enjoying the summer at Tjuvholmen in Oslo.

Rain and thunder

– Meteorologist Håkon Mjelstad, who works in Oslo, says rain and thunderstorms now.

Areas of Achter and Telemark are likely to see widespread rain on Sunday evening, but the weather will be more violent from Monday evening onwards. The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow warning for heavy rain in Oslo from Monday evening.

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– In southern and eastern Norway, there will be a lot of rain from Monday evening to Tuesday, and the same for the rest of the week. But on østafjell, the meteorologist says there are periods of sun again over the weekend. He recalls that this weather forecast also has positive aspects: – Rainfall is needed now.

Swede Annbrit Markander (81) and granddaughter Miranda Dahlgren (25) enjoy ice cream at Aker Brig before heading to Sweden on Sunday evening.

– Oslo had the best summer weather this weekend, says Miranda.

On a trip with grandchildren: – We travel together once a year and have previously been to Nice, Milan, Monaco, Barcelona and Athens. The trip to Oslo was also wonderful, says Annbrit Markander’s (81) grandmother.

Change in western Norway as well

Westerners also had a good weekend, but it didn’t last long.

– After the fog cleared on Saturday, we had a nice evening and today the sun is shining. Bergen can get up to 24 degrees on Sunday, and Stavanger 28. But it’s nice to be cloudy from Sunday evening. Meteorologist on duty in Vestland and Trøndelag, Aslaug Skålevik Valved, says some rain in Trøndelag and Møre and Romsdal from the evening is unsafe.

Monday will be mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms in Rogaland and Westland in the afternoon. Rogaland can expect up to 20 millimeters of rain in an hour on Wednesday.

-Thursday, on the other hand, will be a good day overall, says Vault.

Better in a boat: – We should leave when the weather is still good. In this way, we are extending the summer holiday spirit, says Liv Sigurdsson (57), sailing with her husband Keir Engen (57), sister Bodil Sigurdsson and dog Lira.

Sun in the north

In northern Norway, the weather will improve on Sunday and Monday.

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– We’ve already had the first taste of autumn in the last few days, with an orange warning for precipitation in Nordland and high winds in Troms and Finnmark, so it’s quiet now, says Miken Vasal, a meteorologist on duty in northern Norway. .

– Intermittent rain and wind in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. Partly cloudy, but there is a chance of sun. Temperatures will rise especially on Monday and Tuesday, possibly even reaching 23 degrees on Tuesday.

There is good news for the northerners who have been enjoying 10-12 degrees of heat lately, but it will not last long.

– Heavy thunderstorms in the south early in the week are gradually moving here. Heavy rain, lightning and thunderstorms are likely in Nordland on Tuesday afternoon, which will move northwards and reach Finnmark on Wednesday, Vassel says.

No time for a weather report: Ole-Halver Holmedal Flatland (34) took his children Kanute (2.5) and Halver (1) to the beach in Tjuvolmen on Sunday while his wife was at work. – Fits well when the weather is like this, but there’s no time to think about what the weather will be like when these two are together.
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