Ensures stoppage of electricity sales

Ensures stoppage of electricity sales

UTØYA (Dagbladet): Jonas Kar Stor confirms to Dagbladet that the government will introduce measures to stop the sale of electricity abroad during times of electricity demand in Norway.

– The Prime Minister confirmed that the government is working to introduce measures to ensure that the magazine is filled in Norway.

– Won’t Norway soon become unpopular on the continent if it stops selling electricity?

– Each country has a responsibility to ensure that its system of authority is maintained. If Norway’s limited reservoirs are full, the government must ensure that those reservoirs are restored and become reliable electricity suppliers. Both exports and production are affected when magazines are full, he says.

It became known yesterday Finance Minister Drikwe Slacksvold Vedum (SP) will further strengthen electricity support for Ola and Kari Nordmann..

Speaking to the youth: Jonas Carr store in Utoya today.  Photo: Ole Berg Ruston / NTP

Speaking to the youth: Jonas Carr store in Utoya today. Photo: Ole Berg Ruston / NTP
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In practice, the government will now stop exporting electricity when the water level in the reservoirs falls below a given level.

Storr says impatient electricity customers can expect news soon.

– I don’t think it will take much time to put it up. We’ll get to exactly how we want to introduce this soon, says Storr.

– Many people still think that your government has spent too much time?

– I understand that people are impatient – this is an unusual situation and we must be prepared for it to last. The war in Ukraine was not over in a short time. But the government has provided comprehensive solutions in a very short period of time. Because Erna Solberg’s government didn’t lift a finger, we quickly got Europe’s most comprehensive electricity support, Storr says.

At the same time, the Labor leader says the government is interested in short-term and long-term jobs given the energy situation in Europe.

– Our power system cannot be turned upside down overnight. This is a system that has served us well till last year, says the Prime Minister.

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