– Entering the path of political art is terrible – Viji

– Entering the path of political art is terrible – Viji
Not playing: Jazz legend Ron Carter (right) and his fellow musicians Donald Vega, Jimmy Green and Baden Crosley while waiting to be isolated in Cartermon on Thursday.

Jazz legend Ron Carter was to perform a full house concert in Oslo on Thursday. Instead, the 84-year-old spent the evening in an isolated hotel: -I’m broken, Carter tells Vijay.


Four Americans in the Ron Carter “Forsyth” Quart were fully vaccinated, tested negative and had entry to Norway in their luggage.

They must be in Oslo for less than 24 hours. Nevertheless, after arriving in Gardner from Stockholm, the musicians and manager were sent in isolation to a hotel in Helsbire.

– Double fascist Ron Carter tells Viji that I hope you understand how horrible it is that we can not play for everyone who has been eagerly waiting to hear our music.

He was about to open the first set of Miles Davis’ “Flamenco Sketches” he played in the sixties. Instead, the concert at the cosmopolitan scene should be canceled.

– This is completely untrue. Frank Kleinschmidt, the German manager of the quartet, sighed that I had been touring Europe for 40 years and that there was not even a day like this.

Legend: Ron Carter performed earlier in Vienna during his European tour. He is probably the most used dual bass player in the world.

The organizer arranged entry clearance through the Norwegian Directorate of Maritime and proposed an isolation plan for a short stay in Norway.

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– A driver must drive them between the airport, hotel and the platform. Marthe Heckenhoun of Cosmopolitan says they should keep their distance from visitors and not interact with anyone.

In the concert arena he is the general manager and admits they got a chance.

– But the band crossed borders without problems in Europe. They play one night in one country, the next night in another country. We cannot isolate the musicians who work on the tour.

– Absolutely ridiculous

Glenschmidt and Tenor saxophonist Jimmy Green were swept up in Cartermon. Pianist Donald Vega, drummer Baden Crosley and Carter were stopped.

– I am not allowed to talk to a superior, there is no room for negotiation. Five people were tested negative at the airport. However, the manager says we were sent for isolation.

Kleinchmidt says vaccinated passports of musicians from the United States are accepted throughout the European Union.

– But not in Norway for some reason. This is completely absurd, the manager says.

On Thursday they were in contact with the Ministry of Health, the National Institutes of Public Health, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and the Ministry of Culture, Cosmopolitan says.

– Improperly handled

– We were absolutely shocked at how unjustly this situation was handled and the lack of generosity to cultural life in Norway. This should end soon, says Hegenhaujan.

He says he planned to run the Cosmopolitan concert safely.

On the phone from the hotel room, Ron Carter says on his own behalf that he is very sorry.

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I could not believe that I was not allowed to perform for the audience because politicians did not like what was happening. What became of music as our international language?

The 84-year-old says those he met in Oslo were compassionate.

– But there is a kind of retaliation in the air. You did not allow us to enter your country because the United States did not allow you to enter the plague, Carter says.

– Politics in an artistic way

He is said to be the most used fascist in history and has contributed to nearly 2,500 records. Carter has appeared on the Norwegian stage several times.

– Jazz legend says that tonight’s disruption to political art is terrible.

Cosmopolitan Sean has paid the full fee and will refund everyone’s ticket.

– This is a huge loss for us, but still more for the audience. There were audiences from all over Amsterdam who came to hear a musical legend, says Hegenhauen.

Derje Marstot, the operational manager of the Eastern Police District, is not aware of the specific case.

– But I think they are isolated because the documents are not in order. Then it’s okay if they are musicians, they ‘will hold a concert, Marstot tells Viji.

However, everyone in the Carter Quartet is fully vaccinated Norway does not accept Corona passports from the United States.

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