Epidemic in France: Again opposition to new corona projects

Status: 07/24/2021 7:14 p.m.

Again, thousands of Frenchmen took to the streets against the strict corona rules. According to media reports, clashes took place with police. The government plans to expand its obligation to provide evidence in the future.

In Paris and other French cities, thousands of people again protested against the tightening of corona rules. The protest is being carried out not only against the compulsory vaccination of health workers, but also against the health passport which provides information about the vaccine or negative test.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Paris and Toulouse that afternoon. Protests were announced that day for Leon, Strasbourg, Lily and Marseille. More than a million protesters were expected across the country, according to officials.

The TV news channel PFM showed pictures of the riots on one side of the protest in Paris – police used tear gas. According to French sources, some protesters attacked police officers.

A little sympathy for the protesters

About 114,000 people took to the streets across the country last weekend, according to the Interior Ministry. Participants warned against a “health dictatorship”.

However, the protesters did not represent the majority of the population: in a July 13 poll by broadcaster PFMTV’s Alep, 76 percent of French people spoke in favor of compulsory vaccination. The expansion of the Health Pass was also approved by a majority.

The obligation to provide evidence has expanded

According to the federal government of Prime Minister Jean Costex, the country is in the fourth corona wave. Due to the widespread delta variation, the number of cases is increasing. So President Emmanuel Macron announced drastic measures in July, which Prime Minister Costex has now begun.

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The amendment was approved by the National Assembly on Friday. It should be sealed in the Senate on the fast track by Sunday. This amendment expands the obligation to provide evidence for a negative corona test, vaccine, or recovery. The use and arrival of long-distance trains, bars, restaurants and shopping malls will require proof from August. All health and maintenance workers and firefighters and other rescue workers must be vaccinated by September 15. Otherwise there is a risk of trade ban.

48 percent were fully vaccinated

Health Minister Oliver Warren defended his health passport and promised: “We will end this as soon as we can.” He added, “If 90 or 95 percent of the population is vaccinated, there will be 300 cases a day instead of 20,000. We will live until it goes on its own with the cow.”

Only the announcement of stricter corona rules has accelerated the vaccination rate in France: as of Friday, 58 percent of the population had received at least one vaccine, and 48 percent had already been vaccinated.

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