Equinor is testing its third solar park in Poland

Equinor is testing its third solar park in Poland

Equinor has begun trial production at Lipno, its third solar power plant in Poland, the company itself wrote in a report press release Tuesday.

The 53 MW solar park increases Equinor's onshore renewable capacity in Poland to approximately 200 MW. The plant was developed and will be operated by renewable energy producer Wento, which is owned by Polish company Equinor.

140,000 families

Equinor acquired Wento and the company's portfolio of 1.6 GW of solar projects in 2021. The total annual production from the portfolio operated by Wento is estimated at approximately 280 GWh of energy per year, corresponding to the electricity consumption of approximately 140,000 Polish households.

Equinor's trading subsidiary Danske Commodities has concluded an offsetting agreement with the Lipno plant and will be responsible for selling the energy produced on the Polish energy market.

– We have developed a business model that enables us to effectively scale our terrestrial renewables portfolio and create added value from energy trading, says Anders Bade, Director of Operations and Land Markets at Equinor's Renewables.

The wallet has doubled

Since the acquisition, Wento has doubled its project portfolio to more than 3 GW with projects in various stages of maturity. The portfolio diversifies from energy production to also include battery storage.

In addition to investing in land-based renewable energy, Equinor in Poland is developing the three large offshore wind projects Bałtyk I, Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III alongside Polenergia. Equinor also supplies gas from the Norwegian continental shelf to Poland via the Baltic Pipeline.

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