June 8, 2023


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Erlind Elias, Dosor | A favorite jacket was called on Instagram: Then came an unexpected phone call

When Pride Month kicked off earlier this week, designer and real-life profiler Erlind Elias Bragstad, 39, was looking for a very special gown for the annual celebration.

The 39-year-old has a “fixed” pride robe, a unique, personally tailored jacket that only he owns.

To Praguestad’s fears, however, the jacket had disappeared without a trace.

– It’s “unique”. There is a lady named Elise, who is a designer, and she really wanted to make something for me that would fit my personality. Braggstad tells Nettavisen he has leopards all over his back, which is also many colors and bears the markings of various animal prints.

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The famous TV profile estimates that a similar jacket will cost him between 20,000 and 30,000 kroner, and does not hide the fact that he panicked a little when the jacket suddenly disappeared.

Therefore, the 39-year-old on Thursday took to social media to seek help from his followers.

required answer

“Where did you forget this jacket in Norway? There is only one of them in the world. He gives everything to take it back. So, if anyone sees something shiny and pink, take a quick look at it »Braggstad wrote in a post on the Instagram log post on Thursday afternoon.

Furthermore, the 39-year-old got a reward of 2,000 kronor for those who likely knew where the jacket was.

“Cool, if you can share, I love this jacket”he wrote.

And advertising on Instagram should prove useful. When Nettavisen called on Thursday, Bragstad had just received a phone call from northern Norway. To Nettavisen says with satisfaction:

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– A girl from Hammerfest called me exactly two minutes ago. I threw her off the podium there and went home, and luckily she took care of her.

The researcher’s salary is 2000 kroner

Praguestad himself does not remember having thrown or left his jacket in Hammerfest, as he had long ago. He thinks this happened in the spring of this year, and he can hardly believe that the girl who called all the way from Hammerfest had taken care of his jacket.

Now he will pay her the advertised reward.

– Yes, of course. on that. He assures that I will defend what I say.

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He also says that many have contributed to sharing his research on social media, which is how the girl in Hammerfest came across. He is very grateful for that.

– I wonder what I did before social media, because I may have never understood it, smiles.