June 8, 2023


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Erling Braut Haaland and Andy Cole

Until recently, Cole and Alan Shearer held the record for most goals in a single Premier League season (34), but the iconic pair has been overtaken by Haaland, who scored 36 before the end of the series against Brentford.

Yarboine stormed into the Premier League after moving to Manchester City and on Thursday was named the league’s player of the year by the Football Writers’ Association, made up of more than 700 English and Welsh journalists.

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Haaland with disclosure: – I never do that

Words of praise are pouring in for Haaland, who has been in both the League Cup and Champions League finals and is looking forward to this season.

However, people are already starting to look forward to the next season, and to one episode of the podcast “NoTippyTappyFootball” Andy Cole warns that the follow-up season is often tougher than the debut season when you come to a new league.

His toughest season will be next, as always the second season, says the former Manchester United legend.

– He may not want to score as many as possible

The former striker, who scored a total of 121 goals for the Old Trafford club, understands that as a striker it is more difficult to achieve in the second season.

– I think it’s because many teams have found out so little about you. The 51-year-old says it would be interesting.

However, he is not afraid that Haaland will face a goal drought next season, but he is not sure if we will see similar insane numbers for the Norwegian super striker this season.

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– I don’t think he’ll struggle, because when you play for a team like Manchester City, you know you’re not going to struggle to score goals. He may not score that many, but he won’t have a hard time scoring. Absolutely not, he says.

Crazy numbers

Norway’s biggest football star has scored 52 goals and eight assists in 50 matches in all competitions for Manchester City.

After receiving Thursday’s award, J√¶rbuen gave a rare interview to the British press. There, the 22-year-old was clearly not shocked as he scored goals for the league champions recently.

– I knew I wanted to play for a good team, and I had no doubts about that, he says.

However, he adds that the season still exceeded his expectations.

– I didn’t expect the break to go well, but I expected to score. When I came to this team, he adds, I expected to score, but not much Sky Sports.