Erna’s marathon towards victory – Viji

Erna's marathon towards victory - Viji
Subject: Prime Minister Erna Solberg has set a tough plan for a week until Election Day on Monday.

OSLO – Lots of seats – Larvik (VG) Prime Minister Erna Solberg chooses selfies, direct meetings with voters and local newspapers as a platform to win elections.


Erna Solberg has a week to turn Red-green majority in polls.

She participates in two televised debates, but on other days of the week she is on the road:

Christianand, Stavanger, Bergen, Elsund, Trondheim and the party leader embarked on a marathon journey from Oslo to Solberg on Friday.

Below are photos of Erna Solberg’s requested project on Monday:

She jumps a little bit to participate in two debates, mainly in the national media.

Local newspapers

But on the coastal bus journey, a direct meeting with voters and local newspapers was the first priority: on Monday, local media were rarely invited to chat with the Prime Minister.

(See overview below).

– What is the plan?

Solberg says we will meet the electorate, stand up, answer people’s questions and tell them why you should vote for conservatism.

Selfie is another channel.

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When she began her election campaign in Bergen earlier this summer, they put up a sign; Taken with “selfie row” and two rocking rings placed on the floor; Those who want to take a selfie with her in one of the Soulburgs must stand – to be a little farther away.

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90 selfies in one place

According to his secretary of state Peter Exet, this was a challenge during the Corona era.

– Erna There are many people who like to take selfies while on a trip, which is great, but for infection control and distant reasons, we try to organize the queue to avoid congestion. It usually goes well, says Exet.

Solberg says political news is very important, but selfies are a good way for people.

– Only at the Revital we stopped today, a consultant said we were at almost 90 selfies. It’s fun to want people to take pictures, the Prime Minister says.

A selfie is often shared with the whole family, friends, Instagram and Facebook:

Only 90 people in Revital can send a cub to several thousand.

– Miracle?

Viji wrote on Sunday About what it takes to represent the majority from the red-green to the capitalist majority.

Conservatives and the Liberal Party must move forward, join the Liberal Party above the KrF threshold and end below the Rod and MDG limit.

– Probably several situations at once: Do you believe in miracles?

– I believe in hard work and political solutions. That is what we have, and that is what we must provide.

She adds:

– Not only next week, but in the next four years, if we win the confidence of the electorate.

Monday marathon with local media

Here is a brief overview of today’s trip:

09.20: Departure from Hirus Huss to Lillestrom, where Avisa Oslo is interviewed.

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In Lilstrom, he went to the Akreen McKinn workshop, where Romerix Blade received it.

The trip then took place in Colbotton Dork, where Østlandets blad and Oppegård Avis were interviewed.

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Robstad to Viji: It is not my intention to exploit an organization

Then it went to an addition company in ans, where she met Avis.

At Westby, Westby Avis waited and at sea on the boat in Mosul, Mos Avis received its interview.

When the boat bound for Horton reached the sea, Jejangankaran and NRK Westfold and Telemark were waiting.

The voyage continued to the Revital, in Westfold, where Pyavisa Dansberg, Reevisa and Big Brother Dansberg Blade received answers to their questions.

The latter newspaper also received a broadcast from the bus.

At a standstill at Hvaltorvet in Sandefjord, the Sandefjords Blad received it.


The Østlands Posten did the same as Larvick continued his journey.

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Robstat’s bad judgment

The bus went to Christianand, but Solberg jumped on Larvick.

Secretary of State Ine Marie Erickson arrived on board the Seride.


Solberg will rejoin when the bus arrives in Stavanger on Tuesday morning.

The local newspaper strategy continues his journey to Bodo, over the next few days.

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