Establishment of a reception center to manage the influx of refugees

Establishment of a reception center to manage the influx of refugees

Kristiansand gets what will be the first refugee reception center in Sørland. One hundred hotel rooms in the city center are available to refugees who come to Kristiansand to register.

To counter the influx of refugees, refugee registration centers will be established in several places in Norway. Among other places in Kristiansand. They will be accommodated at Thon Hotel Parken while they are in town.
Photo: Torgeir Eikeland

Kristiansand: Until now, refugees who come to Norway have had to go to the reception center in Råde to register.

Regional centers will now be established to carry out the same function. Kristiansand is one of the places that get such a reception center which is also called registration centre.

Refugees must be registered with the police in Agder, while receiving health care from the municipality. On Thursday night, it became apparent that UDI had signed a contract with Thon Hotel Parken to provide accommodation for those who come. Here, UDI has leased a hundred rooms through May.

– They live here with other guests during their time in Kristiansand to register. It’s a matter of a day or two, says Raymond Kirkenes, manager of Thon Hotel Parken.

After registration, refugees are sent to emergency rooms elsewhere in the region.

thousand a day

In recent days, many have worked intensively to establish the reception center.

Agder is trying to be forward-looking in this case. I am very happy to collaborate with UDI, police and volunteer organizations. One of the important things now is to be able to hold on, state manager Gina Lund tells Fædrelandsvennen on Thursday morning.

They are responsible for coordinating the work.

Norway is preparing to be able to receive a thousand refugees a day, and then some of them will come to Kristiansand. According to the plan, physical registration with fingerprints and identity papers will take place at the police station in Kristiansand.

It was convenient for a while to use the closed police station in Vågsbygd for this purpose, but the police have now abandoned it.

77 asylum seekers

The police in Agder on Thursday morning published a press release explaining how to handle the flow of transport.

Since Wednesday morning, Aggressive Police has registered 77 asylum seekers from Ukraine, more than any other police district in the country.

Staff have already taken up this challenge, and contributed to the Agder Police District in record time to be able to register refugees from Ukraine, says Director of the Operations Unit of the FUFSR (Administration, Immigration and Civil Justice) in the Agder Police District, Per Juell Larsen.

Per Joel Larsen, Head of the Joint Administration, Aliens and Civil Justice Unit.
Photo: the police

Ukrainians who come to the police station in Kristiansand will be met by police officers who will direct them to the registration center.

Asylum registration courses

More than 20 police officers in the unit, Joel Larsen is a commander, and this week he was involved, among other things, in the asylum registration.

– There were some hectic days planning, preparing, getting the interpreters, and finding the necessary equipment. We also have more than 20 employees who on Monday and Tuesday completed their training in, among other things, asylum registration, said Joel Larsen.

In a press release, the police stated that a reception center will be set up in central Kristiansand where asylum seekers will be accommodated. Here, the police will be visually present with the guards.

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