EU summit in Brussels: Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron’s Russia strategy divides EU summit

The relationship between Russia And the European Union (EU) has been cold for years. Now in the context of the EU summit Brussels Germany And France In order to resume high-level meetings with the Russian President Vladimir Putin Advertised. But this initiative divides the EU member states, especially in Eastern European countries.

In Brussels, Merkel said the EU should discuss areas in which cooperation with Russia is possible. The point is: “How do we respond to provocations in a closed way, and how can we create discussion patterns?” Because conflicts can be best resolved through discussions. This was also shown at a recent meeting of the US President Joe Biden Mid Putin Geneva.

Germany and France on Wednesday surprised EU partners with plans for summit meetings with Putin. An EU ambassador said before the summit that two-thirds of the member states were in favor of a plan to discuss topics and formats for dialogue with Russia. One-third are against it.

The last EU-Russia summit took place in January 2014. After that, Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and the EU suspended all high-level talks. Eastern European countries in particular do not want to change anything until the end. The EU now has sanctions against it Moscow Imposed – for example because the Kremlin kept the enemy in custody Alexei Navalny And the annexation of Crimea. Moscow responded with counter-measures.

“How to employ a bear to protect a pot of honey”

So Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins is skeptical about starting a new dialogue between the EU and Russia. He “sees difficulties,” Currins said before the summit began. Before such a conversation should come “some steps of Russia”, which has not yet moved on issues such as the annexation of Crimea and the war in eastern Ukraine. “The Kremlin understands the politics of power,” Currins warned. On the other hand, he does not value “free offers” as a “sign of strength.”

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The European Union (EU) has demanded that Lithuania’s President Gideon Nazareth be “very careful about the real intentions of Putin’s regime.” If the EU starts a conversation without any change in behavior, it is “engaging like a bear to protect a honey pot”.

Head of Dutch Government Mark Rutte He himself said he would definitely not attend a summit with Putin. But he would not oppose this if he were the head of the EU Commission Ursula van der Leyen Or Council President Charles Michael wanted to meet with the Russian president.

The Kremlin is looking forward to the talks

Russia, on the other hand, welcomed the Franco-German idea. “We evaluate this initiative positively,” said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin in Moscow, according to Interfox. President Vladimir Putin has been a lawyer in re-establishing dialogue and contacts between Brussels and Moscow. Both sides need such a dialogue.

In addition to the relationship with Russia, manipulation Turkey And migration policy will be the main topics of the two-day summit. Excellent cooperation is on the agenda in the fight against corona infection and new virus strains.

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