Eurasia Group: The risk of political violence in the United States has increased

Eurasia Group: The risk of political violence in the United States has increased

At the beginning of each calendar year, Eurasia Group geopolitical analysts rank the risk factors they believe pose the greatest threat to the global community. In 2024, a politically dysfunctional United States is placed at the top, and that hasn't changed nearly halfway through the year.

Eurasia Group CEO, Ian Bremmer, was aware of this when he visited Bloomberg Podcast “In the City” Immediately after Donald Trump was convicted of all charges in the so-called bribery case. In doing so, he became the first sitting or former president in the history of the United States to be convicted of a felony.

– Terrible time

– Unimaginable things happen in American politics on a weekly basis, and Americans normalize these things. You just get used to it. Bremer says this is not a sign of a stable democracy.

– This is a terrible time for elections in the United States. Potential for political violence He adds that it rose as a result of Trump's order last week.

As is known, Trump is also running as a Republican candidate in the presidential elections this year, and after the ruling, a number of the richest people in America were keen to fill his campaign coffers with more than $200 million. This does not surprise Bremer.

– The reason is because they feel that Trump is better for their money than Joe Biden, he explains in the podcast.

– Very dangerous

The head of the Eurasia Group admits that Biden, after Trump's rule, “maybe has a slightly better chance” of winning the election.

“But Trump can certainly still win, and if he wins, he will do what he was convicted of in a criminal case, with political rivals he intends to go after,” Bremer continues, speaking to Bloomberg.

– It is not that the United States will become a dictatorship, and neither China nor Russia will become. The United States may become more like Hungary, Poland, or Türkiye. When we talk about small and peripheral European countries, that's one thing, but it's a completely different thing if we talk about the most powerful country in the world, its military power and its reserve currency. The US is a very dangerous place, which is why it was our top-rated risk factor for 2024,” the director added.

The ruling in the bribery case against Trump will also be issued on July 11, one week before Republicans officially choose him as their presidential nominee at their national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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