European Football Championship: England's reaction after the Slovenia match

European Football Championship: England's reaction after the Slovenia match

England won their group and avoided the biggest favourites. But that's not where the focus falls the next day on Ball Island.

0-0 against Slovenia, 1-1 against Denmark and 1-0 against Serbia. Winning the third group at the European Championships was enough, but the performance scared few.

– England is a team waiting to be defeated, he writes Daily messages Commentator Ian Liedman.

– England is not only weak, it is also boring. It's a terrible and frustrating combination. The worrying thing is that it's another night in Germany over there Gareth Southgate He adds that the players do not show any signs of finding a solution to the team's problems.

As usual, English journalists made a play on words in the newspaper's headlines:

«beats Progress,” wrote the Daily Mirror.

“Stuck in Slo Lane,” the Daily Express wrote on the front page.

“a group of Scarcity“, writes The Times.

“Stinky cologne” graces the front page of the Daily Star.

“More questions than answers,” the paper says.

The Daily Mail's front page also referred to “boring football”, but also suggested that England would at least lose to the Germans in the last 16.

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At the moment, it happens to be over with England Reverse Along with other big favourites like France, Germany, Portugal and Spain on the European Championship table.

– England have Cole Palmer, Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham, Kobe Maino and Phil Foden – great, fantastic talent that we cannot afford to waste, says former England player Gary Neville on ITV.

– We are the only country in the world that can constantly ask ourselves: “Where can these players fit into the team?”

National team coach Gareth Southgate has once again had to endure harsh criticism from his compatriots at short notice.

Empty plastic cups were thrown in his direction as he thanked England fans.

Gareth Southgate
Gareth Southgate

England coach

– I understand the narrative against me. It is better for the team than to be directed at them. But that creates an unusual environment to work in, says Southgate.

– I understand the criticism, but it is difficult in this tournament.

Only four teams have fewer games per 90 minutes played in the tournament than England, according to Sky Sports. However, the national team manager is not stressing.

-There are many pieces that are about to fall into place. We had some problems before the start of the tournament, and today we looked more dangerous, and the substitutes had a good impact on the match. “Now we just have to take our chances,” Southgate says. clouds.

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