June 9, 2023


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Eurovision 2023 – 1st semi-final – reviews and recommendations

This year’s reviewers consist of NRK’s ​​permanent reviewer for Eurovision Aspen BorgIn addition to three members of the general judging panel in the program Title: Liverpool on NRK TV: Jim Odegaard Pedersen, Marie-Sophie Hellevang Jensen, and Sephan Sohail!


Music and humor references at NRK.

  • Relationship with Eurovision: tense in the stories, played in the joke!

  • Favorite entry of the year: Finland and Karega with “Cha Cha Cha Cha”!

  • Favorite of all time: Tajči – “Hajde da Ludujemo” (Yugoslavia, 1990)


32 years old and works as a music teacher.

  • My relationship with Eurovision: The Eurovision Song Contest has been the highlight of the year for me for 14 years, and an important moment in my entire life.

  • Favorite entry of the year: La Zarra – “Évidemment” (France)

  • Favorite entry of all time: The movie “Gravity” directed by Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine, 2013)


39 years old, Chairman of the General Jury at Address: Liverpool on NRK TV, and an expert on NRK’s ​​advertised Eurovision.

  • My relationship with Eurovision: I live and breathe ESC – it has become as much a lifestyle as it is a hobby.

  • Favorite entry of the year: can’t choose just one! Hopefully France wins, I think Finland wins, Sweden and Lorraine fear, Austria is a treat this year.

  • Favorite entry of all time: the song “Poupée de cire, Poupée de son” by France Gall. She won the Luxembourg competition in 1965! Awesome ⭐️


17 years old, studying media and communication in high school.

  • My relationship with Eurovision: Eurovision has been my hobby for more than five years now. It’s my favorite vacation!
  • Favorite contribution of the year: Sweden (Lorraine with “Tattoo”) and Great Britain (May Müller with “I Wrote a Song”). I love them both very much
  • Favorite entry of all time: Holland and S10 with “the deep” From 2022. It’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard in my entire life!
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