Eva Christine Hansen (Labor) completes tax test:

Eva Christine Hansen (Labor) completes tax test:

– Until Eva Christine Hansen resigns after the 2017 election, tax officials have checked whether Eva Christine Hansen has met the conditions for obtaining tax-free housing and have confirmed that everything is in order and that she was not properly taxed, Hansen’s lawyer says. John Christian The Fire to TV2.

– This is similar to the assessment I expressed when this case came to public knowledge, he adds.

– No comment on personal cases

Tax administration review only for the period between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2020.

The restriction does not apply to other tax matters or to other time intervals.

Tax authorities do not restrict themselves to comment on any part of their work or the decisions they make.

“The tax administration has an obligation to maintain confidentiality, so the agency cannot comment on individual cases or restrictions,” writes Ole Vincent Jebson, division manager for tax administration for TV2.

Commander Housing: Hanson got a passenger house in Oslo, which he had registered in Trondheim. Photo: Tom Rune Arset / TV2

– Handles more than lines

Although the tax administration has concluded in Hansen’s case, the investigation has not been fully completed, and there are several agencies investigating the passenger housing complex.

In parallel with the tax administration’s review, the Auditor General’s Office has launched a separate investigation, and the police are still investigating the entire premises.

Prosecutor Ad Gross said he did not wish to comment on personal cases such as Hanson’s, but generally stated:

– In the inquiry order issued is higher than the tax law. So, if one considers that any tax conditions have not been violated, it does not mean that there is no basis for further investigation, Krauss tells TV2.

Police Attorney Kristin Ingeborg Rusdal says, as usual, they are waiting for the tax law side of the investigation until they receive a report from the tax administration.

– We have not yet received any review or report from the tax administration in this case, Rusdal tells TV 2.

Police are investigating all the circumstances

Apart from this, Rusdal could say that the police are still at a point where all the circumstances related to Storting’s passenger apartments are being mapped and investigated.

– Based on what has come out so far in the investigation it has been decided that individuals on suspicion will be summoned for questioning. There is no denying that more and more suspects will be called in for questioning as the investigation progresses, Rusdal tells TV 2.

No one is currently charged in this case.

He left after the investigation began

Hansen resigned as chairman of Sporting on 18 November 2021, in light of the fact that police should investigate passenger housing cases.

– I take it for granted that I am one of them, Hansen told NTB on.

It was later learned that the police were investigating the entire premises, not individuals.

Facts: Hansen’s commuter housing case

From 2014 to 2017, when Hanson was registered in Trondheim, he obtained a lodge in Oslo from Storting.

In the fall of 2014, he bought the man’s house in Sky. It is 29 kilometers from Sorting.

It was not until October 2017 that he announced he would be going there. Two days after he was elected president. Only then did she give up the commuter house.

Representatives of Storting, which owns commuter housing, are obliged to report changes in their living conditions. Hansen has signed several times.

The Labor politician was asked in 2017 if he had moved anywhere other than the tax residence. She Unload Dr Tell me about the semi-detached house she bought.

Source: Adresseavisen / Aftenposten

It was AddressCivisen Hansen rented an apartment in Trond Kiske and owned a house 29 miles[29 km]with her husband.

Hansen did not want to comment on the case on Thursday.

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