Eva Mendes with a rare tribute to her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes with a rare tribute to her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, 42, has won a number of awards for his performances on the big screen and is known for his hit movies like ‘The Notebook’ and ‘La La Land’.

Many would probably like Gosling to be free and frank, but the handsome man has been in a relationship with fellow actor Eva Mendes (49) for a number of years.

– You should shave your face every two days

On the other hand, the duo is known as one of the most media-shy couples in Hollywood. They are rarely seen together, they don’t take pictures with each other and they still have the advantage of revealing how many years they have actually lived.

The couple, who gave birth to their daughters Esmaralda, 8, and Amada, 7, have kept their first-born’s pregnancy a secret for seven months.

Ryan Gosling surprises in “Barbie”. Introduction: Barbie, Warner Bros
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So, it has now become quite a surprise that Mendes shared a sweet tribute to his girlfriend on Instagram.

Gosling is currently playing Ken in the new comedy “Barbie,” which premieres in Norway later this month. On that occasion, Mendes could not hide how proud she was of her loved ones.

My husband. My life… To say he’s the best actor I’ve ever worked with is an understatement,” the 49-year-old writes as a caption on a set of photos taken during the filming of the 2011 movie “The Place Beyond the Pines,” where the two played off against each other.

You don’t want to have children

Last month, Gosling revealed that he never dreamed of becoming a father. However, after he played Mendes’ girlfriend in “The Place Beyond the Pines”, he changed his view on the matter.

- I didn't want to pretend anymore

– I didn’t want to pretend anymore

– I didn’t think about children until I met her, but when I met Eva, I realized that I didn’t want children without her. In one scene in the movie, we pretended to be family and I really didn’t want to pretend anymore. Realizing this was a life I would be very lucky to live, he shared it with the magazine GQ.

TV profile has a girlfriend! Video: Red Runner
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In 2019, Mendes made a similar statement. Nor did she dream of becoming a mother before she met the “La La Land” star.

– It was the last thing that could have happened to me (having children, magazines. Note), but it happened to Ryan Gosling. I mean, I fell in love with him. Only then did it make sense for me to have … not children, but his. She said at the time that he was very fixated on her Journal of Women’s Health.

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