Events, Telemark | Abandons and leaves cars

Events, Telemark |  Abandons and leaves cars

Many motorists go on rough roads and leave cars.

On Saturday night, TA’s photographers travel around different parts of Greenland to check the condition of the roads. At Bergsbygda in Porsgrunn, very slippery roads were reported, and many cars had difficulty getting around.

At the Road Traffic Center, they said they had received several reports from the Trunk Sea about similar conditions.

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Ole Martin Kjeldsen, traffic operator at Vegtrafiksentralen, says there are currently all staff on the roads and they encourage everyone on the road to drive according to the conditions.

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Now you have to be very careful: – I have never driven on a smooth road in my life

This is not the case with Skin. Our photographer checked out both Hynivegen and Jernverksvegen. In both places there were cars on the ditch and on the side of the road.

– Some drivers leave cars, says the photographer.

The main image of this article was taken from Jernverksvegen in Skien.

Just before 11pm on Saturday, police said a car drove over a guard and post in Elstrombruva.

The course of events is not yet known, but police went to the scene and spoke to the driver.

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