January 27, 2023


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Every time we meet Bjorn Eidsvag, he is greeted by young stars:

Just before the new year is people’s favourite every time we meet It’s back on TV again as a star cast of artists gather for a musical feast in Kjerringøy just outside Bodø.

Among these you will find ringed foxes such as Bjorn Eidsvag (68) And young shooting stars who Emma Steinbacken (19) And the Caleb Isaac Ghebreyesus (23)known as Isa.

A cross-generational friendship developed between these participants during the recording of the program in late summer this year.

Emma is touched by her interpretation of “the river” – this is how Bjorn reacts

Very happy with Bjorn

When TV2 recently caught up with the three Every Time We Meet artists, they shared candidly about the good relationship they have developed with each other despite their nearly 50-year age difference.

Steinbakken initially found it odd to be in the company of such a veteran as Eidsvåg.

– She was special. Maybe it was special at first. And then you get to know the person, and then you feel better in a way. It’s obviously special to sit there and talk, not the least of which is covering artists that you respect a lot and have listened to a lot. So it was educational, cute, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. But I’m so happy about it now,” she says to TV 2.

And the singing talent goes on to say that she and my 68-year-old girlfriend became good friends through the TV recordings.

– I am very happy with Bjorn, and I hope to continue to keep him in my life for as long as possible. He’s very nice, and he’s a very wise man and he’s done many different things, she says, and adds:

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We had a lot of nice chats. Bjørn is the type that if things go terribly wrong in life, you have to call Bjørn.

Friendship: There is an almost 50-year age difference between artists Emma Steinbakken and Bjørn Eidsvåg. Every time we meet they become good friends. Photo: Vegard Breie/TV 2

The 19-year-old also refers to the famous musician as a kind of grandfather figure.

– I didn’t imagine it would be so funny, but it’s very funny. He might be a little too serious. very nice.

– Do you keep in touch?

It’s not like we talk on a daily basis, but we do since we’ve been recording.

– Who would have thought?

Issa also got a good note with the “Eg ser” artist in Kjerringøy.

– It was very “easy”. Although he is the eldest of the group, he manages to be with the little ones – he can curl up and have fun. Maybe I grew up a little bit, and then maybe he got the Fountain of Youth from me again, so I feel like it went both ways, the 23-year-old says gently.

We send messages to each other every now and then. We keep in touch with each other. Who would have thought? There is a huge difference in age and culture. It’s not something very expected, but something that happened, he continues.

Teacher: Every time we meet participant Caleb Isaac Ghebreyesus, better known as Issa, he thinks Bjorn Eidsvag has given him advice about life.  Photo: Vegard Breie/TV 2

Teacher: Every time we meet participant Caleb Isaac Ghebreyesus, better known as Issa, he thinks Bjorn Eidsvag has given him advice about life. Photo: Vegard Breie/TV 2

In Stavanger, the boy also learned from his new friend Eidsvag.

What I learned from Bjorn is not to take everything too seriously. Live your life, and be open to things. I feel like I got that from him. He is a man who has given the most in music, but also in life. He has been through many things. I feel that, being so young, I haven’t experienced half of what he went through. I feel it resonates a lot with doing things perfectly and loving them.

– The age difference is not noticed

Eidsvåg, for his part, praises the promising youngsters and expresses his admiration for them.

They have such a strong belief in themselves. He tells TV 2 that they have a good self-image as artists as well as being strong in themselves, so I don’t notice the age difference, and continues:

– I notice it from time to time in terminology and language and humor and things like that, but not musically, so it was very interesting for me. I really liked Emma and Isa. We have developed a good relationship.

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