Every Time We Meet Freddy Callas and Essa reveal a musical collaboration after every time we meet

Every Time We Meet Freddy Callas and Essa reveal a musical collaboration after every time we meet

Soon the thirteenth season will start every time we meet Loose where seven artists on a poetic Kjerringøy pay homage to each other with song.

It’s not unusual for friendships and a good cohesion to develop between the participants during the recording period when music and personal stories are shared at the dinner table, but sometimes it leads to something more.

This Time, Every Time We Meet led to a musical collaboration between two artists, Freddy Callas (32)His real name is Frederick Oakey Caleb Isaac Ghebreyesus (23)known as Isa.

Collaboration: Artists Isah and Freddy Kalas reveal they have an upcoming song in the works after the Hver vi møetses gang residency. Photo: Martin Berg Isaksen/TV 2

Both were successful in their own way. Auke became the king of party music with country hits like “Pinne for landet,” “Jovial,” and “Feel Da Rush,” while Isah won two Spellemann Awards despite his young age, and collaborated with well-known names like Karp and Dottie Dior.

Delicious hit song

In front of TV 2, the duo reveals that they were in the studio together after taping the programme, and are in the process of composing a new song.

– It’s really fun that we’re doing it together. I have a lot to teach, and I’ve also done the kind of style he’s done before, so it’ll be really interesting to see what it’s like when two people meet, who have a lot of the same taste, says Auke, adding:

– Isah is an amazing songwriter and has a crazy vibrato, so I’m looking forward to that.

Colleagues of the artist do not want to reveal much about the new work, but they give some hints.

This is the artists’ favorite Christmas song – pick one

– I’d say it’s going to be a mix of pop and RnB. It’s not a love song and it’s not about love – we haven’t established that yet. It will be a slightly “soft” hit. About life, Auke says.

– We have to finish the song first before we announce its genre, Issa points out.

The song’s release date is currently unknown.

– We have to take it as it comes. Hopefully within the next year, says the 32-year-old.

– Friends for ever

Tospannet is pleased with their stay in Kjerringøy and what it has given them, and leaves their memories and friendships in their suitcases.

This group is friends for life. In one way or another, we are made for each other, and that’s pretty amazing. There is so much joy and good memories, Issa says, so much I can take with me from the experience and the music.

Emma is touched by her interpretation of “the river” – this is how Bjorn reacts

– It was great fun and a roller coaster like no other. Auke says it’s hard being involved, but it’s so much fun.

The latter has also gained more self-insight.

– Seeing yourself open-minded gives you a new form of self-compassion as well, so I think it would be best to get to know your inner self next.

Watch the movie premiere every time we meet Sunday January 1 at 8 pm on TV 2 Direkte and tv 2 play.

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