January 28, 2023


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Every time we met, celebrity status went to the head of Bjorn Eidsvag

On Sunday, the stage is set for the season premiere of the viewer’s favourite every time we meet On TV 2.

loved by the people Bjorn Eidsvag (68) He is the first main guest of the year with the greatest of course. After twelve no Finally, the Rogaland citizen guest took the chair of honor with a bunch of famous artists and up-and-coming young men at his side.

This gang consists of: Freddy Callas (32)And the Emma Steinbacken (19)And the Isaac (23)Caroline Kruger (52), Ingeborg Bratland (32) and Christian Christensen (30).

Artist group: At the Hver gang vi mötes 2023 season premiere, star artist Bjørn Eidsvåg (center) will be honored by fellow artists Isah (tv), Kristian Kristensen, Ingebjørg Bratland, Freddy Kalas, Emma Steinbakken and Karoline Kruger. . Photo: Vegard Breie/TV 2

Excitement and awe are in the air during the big day when participants interpret songs from Eidsvåg’s extensive catalog. Upon his arrival in Kjerringøy, the 68-year-old managed to acquire the nicknames “Don Bjørn” and “Godfather”.

Watch Eidsvåg tell what his fame did to him in the video at the top of the story.

– I can sense my colleagues’ nervousness about what they have to do. I looked at Frederick (Freddy Callas, Journal NM) and he was sweating — and that made me a little moved. I’m pretty sure it’ll go well, says the veteran artist with a smile in the first episode.

It turned out to be a lunch and dinner full of touching and beautiful musical moments. At the same time, Eidsvåg dives into life and career, opening up about, among other things, about when his career really took off.

Be arrogant

For most of the 1980s, Eidsvåg was a chaplain at the Lier psychiatric hospital. As the years went by, he gradually got more and more gaming assignments in addition to his day job. The participation of the Melodi Grand Prix in 1985 opened the door for the musician to some extent.

Citizen Rogal decided to invest entirely in music.

Emma is touched by her interpretation of “the river” – this is how Bjorn reacts

The successful albums “Alt du vil ha”, “Allemannsland” and “Landet lenger bak” came shortly afterwards, followed by several Spellemann awards.

Eidsvåg has become public domain.

In the early 2000s, his success reached new heights when he released the album “Tålt” and sang “Mysteriet deg” with Swede Lisa Nilsson.

It was also around this time that Eidsvåg began to feel one of the many pitfalls of fame.

– I thought I was famous before that, but fytti grisen, then I was the best-selling artist in Norway for a few years, he recalls at the show’s dinner table, and continues:

– So then you believe for a moment what everyone says. Everyone is there and it’s a yes person. It’s all very cool. You are invited to everything, everything is free for a while and you come first in the queue.

BISMAK: Artist Bjørn Eidsvåg tells in the season premiere Hver gang vi mostos that life as a celebrity in the early 2000s made him arrogant and demanding.  Image: screenshot / TV 2

BISMAK: Artist Bjørn Eidsvåg tells in the season premiere Hver gang vi mostos that life as a celebrity in the early 2000s made him arrogant and demanding. Image: screenshot / TV 2

Celebrity status affected him negatively.

– I became a fool. I went to my head. I thought I was something special, that I had some extra rights.

I felt that parts of me didn’t like me. One of the things that made me act like this was the wine. I drank a lot of cognac at that time, and it made me wild and crazy, he continues to think.

The rose bush and the positive response from the audience.

– There were a lot of people who met me at that time who said: “Oh, you made a great song,” and I thought: “Shut up.”

I got it together

But the turning point finally came, and the ring fox realized that he had to put his arrogance and arrogance aside.

For some, “Aegir” is the most important song they’ve heard, and they’ve traveled far to hear it, and it reminds them of something painful and difficult, but it helped them somehow, he says, and continues:

This beautiful duo will give you goosebumps

– I can’t be that fool hovering over her and acting silly. I made a decision – I can’t be like this, I can’t act like this.

Watch the season premiere every time we meet Sundays at 8pm on TV 2 Direkte. You can already watch the premiere on tv 2 play.

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