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Finansminister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp) vil ha bredt forlik om krisepakka om Ukraina-krigen.

At 12 o’clock, he will speak before the central party’s national government. There he will talk about the crisis package announced by the government regarding the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine will be the proposal. He said a security bill would be sought from the NRK shortly before the start of the National Board meeting.

He expects one “Broad National Solution” About the crisis package and refers to the solutions to the 2015 refugee crisis and the Corona crisis.

We would like to invite everyone from Rødt to Frp to sit around the table with us. In Norway, we have a tradition of working together when there is an additional need. Then we elevate ourselves above party policy and create collective solutions, says Vedam.

The role of finance minister Trigway Sloxwold expects a broader solution, among other things, to the Corona crisis. Picture of the press conference held before the government started work on the budget for 2023.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NDP

– Everyone should be in crisis

The crisis package usually includes measures to strengthen Norwegian readiness. In particular, the Armed Forces will be strengthened by NOK 3 billion and civilian emergency preparedness by NOK 0.5 billion. In addition, Norwegian municipalities can receive thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

– Solution Scripture says that results give strength, that is, they stand the test of time.

But hWhat signal does it send to the SV, and do you have a budget agreement with it?

SV should be part of such a solution. That’s the whole point, we have to get out. Norway is a small country, so helping one another in times of crisis is one of the strengths.

Lisbon and hunting

Audun Lysbakken (SV) with Finance Minister Trickway Slagsvold Vedum (SP).

Photo: Naina Helen Jama / NTB

While he warns of crisis measures that will strengthen Norway’s readiness, he has poured cold water for years on voters expecting immediate tax cuts against higher fuel prices.

The key message is that those earning 400,000 to 700,000 will get better purchasing power as we progress a little. That is the whole point.

Does that mean you and the SP electorate should be in this crisis now?

Everyone should be in crisis. This is war and crisis. But in the revised national budget, in the state budget, and in the various programs we bring in, there will always be the same goal: to develop the whole of Norway and eliminate differences.

– Severe conditions

In the long run, the scripture says the government will take additional steps within the tax policy that benefits ordinary families. He cites examples of what the government is doing, such as lowering kindergarten prices and better conditions for travelers.

But with petrol prices hovering over 20 kroner over time, is this right for you, the SP chief?

Now there are extreme conditions. It varies from 16 to 27 kroner at the same line level. So when it comes to the revised national budget and the state budget, we will consider how the situation is. Oil and gas prices have fallen in the past week alone.

Then the transport department and the people should make sure to get out of it safely, but now the scripture continues that it is very turbulent.

SP leader Trikway Sloxvolt is wanted

The SP leader says he is a heavy user of both electricity and fuel and has recently noticed rising prices.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

– What do you want to say to those who are fRusty frustrated?

I myself am a big consumer of electricity and fuel and notice these effects. Everyone knows this unrest. But the important thing is to have a clear and long-term line: normal families should be fine. The sum total of activities is important.

So should people be patient?

It should be safe in all ways, but we must do the most important thing. It is within the scope of Security and Civil Emergency Precautions, but everyone who earns less than NOK 750,000 in tax and tariff measures will receive less tax this year than they received last year.

Heavy fall

Support for the party has plummeted in the past year, following a wave of almost endless victories that peaked last winter. On Survey of the NRK in March 2021 The SP had the support of 22.2 percent of the electorate.

It was agreed that the election result was not more than 13.5 per cent, but the progress was more significant than in the previous election and the election night was a big one for the party.

It has collapsed since then. On average, Sp polled 8.2 percent support in a March poll.

Now there is unrest and anxiety in some parts of the party and among those who voted for the role in the election.

– If you think I’m sorry for voting for the Center Party, the answer is yes, says Sweeney Salve Lislavand. Friend of the motherland. He runs his own company in the forest, and voted for the party that promised to reduce fuel prices.

– May have stored “reverse items”

When the NRK contacted Labor and Center Party mayors a month ago and asked what caused the collapse, almost everyone pointed to the power outage and the new shutdown that led to the Omigron virus.

Many mayors criticized how the government handled the situation: support measures against the registration price for electricity should have come sooner, should have been stronger, and communications to voters could have been better.

“Voters are losing faith in the government,” he wrote Nation Monday is present. According to the newspaper, one in the grassroots wonders if the SP leader’s job is “hidden in the clothes of the finance minister”.

John McNee Hirstad tells the NRK that rising prices for raw materials for agriculture and industry are the biggest challenge.

John Herstot (SP)

– I think the SP may have saved these reverse things, says former SP mayor John McGain Herstot.

Photo: Bent R. Iverson, Firta

He is a former SP mayor in Naustdal, western Norway, and hopes two things will come out of this week’s National Board meeting. One is the good answer to what has become an educational problem for the party – to explain the need to reduce activity during the uprising.

Now the functional development is far greater than the capacity we have. He says it is not easy to make people understand.

The second is about the priorities facing the so-called perfect storm for crises: fuel crisis, energy crisis, food crisis, epidemic, fertilizer crisis.

I think SP might have saved these reverse things. Herstod also claims to have expended energy on current issues.

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