Evie has been missing for a day and a half in Ålesund

Evie has been missing for a day and a half in Ålesund

Evie Lillian Carlson was stranded on a mountainside for two nights. Luckily, Lars Arnes heard her cries from across the water.

On Sunday 12 May, a woman was reported missing in the municipality of Ålesund.

Evi Lillen Karlsson (60), who had been walking in Spjelkavik, got lost in the Bristolsvatnet not far away.

– It's beautiful weather. Carlson tells VG that I asked if I want to join my husband, but he wants to watch football.

Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen Carlson leaves the trail and writes that she doesn't understand where she's going. Finally, she stood firm on a ledge:

– I fell, but I didn't hit myself. It was straight up and straight and there was enough room for me to lie down. I didn't dare go to sleep if I was going to roll down the hill, but I slept a little anyway, Carlson explains.

Her phone was not working and she had no food or drink. Karlsson also has an injury to his leg, which made his escape even more difficult.

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– I was a little frozen, but if you are frozen and a little hungry or thirsty, you can cope. The first evening I saw the helicopter coming, and then it turned back — and then I thought it was “game over,” Carlson says, and continues:

– I could think a little about family and friends, but above all I was afraid of him at home.

On Tuesday morning, a day and a half after her disappearance, Carlson saw some movement on the other side of Bristol's Watnet.

Such Sunnmørsposten Lars Arnes (62) noted that the water temperature was tested.

– I waved my jacket and shouted in Norwegian and English, says Carlsson.

Arnes, well-known in the region, describes the terrain as steep and difficult.

– People don't go there. At first I wondered if it was my uncle who asked, then it happened again two or three times. I yelled and got an affirmative answer, Arnes tells VG.

Lars Arnes (62) informed the police about the noise he heard from the other side of Brustleswoodnet. Photo: Private

Arnes explains that he called the emergency services, who diverted the search. About an hour and a half later, Carlson was picked up by a rescue helicopter.

– If the weather had been bad, I wouldn't have been there, and if it had been windy, I wouldn't have heard anything. It could have been worse, because only three or four rooms nearby could hear her, Arnes says, but no one was there on Pentecost.

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Police are searching for missing Evie Lillian Carlson. Photo: Private

The next day, Arnes got a pleasant surprise when Carlson came to thank him:

– It was a very pleasant visit, where he brought a big bouquet and a bottle of wine, and Arnes says that he was very grateful.

Carlson describes the visit as follows:

– This was the most touching moment in my life.

Watch Video – Dramatic Rescue Operation Outside Thananjar:

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