“Evil Ax” for sale – VG

"Evil Ax" for sale - VG
“Hotel of Evil”: Jack Nicholson’s character broke through the door with an ax. The wife, played by Shelley Duvall, is terrified.

Perhaps the most famous ax in cinema history will soon be under the hammer.


“Here’s Johnny!” Grins notorious Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), sticks his sweaty head through a broken bathroom door.

Terrifying wife Wendy (Shelly Duvall) tries to hide from her psychopathic husband. But with a shiny axe it punched a hole in the door.

the scene He is one of the most – and perhaps the most famous – in the legendary Stanley Kubrick horror film Hotel Evil (original title: “The Shining”) from 1980. A scene and movie that Jack Nicholson will forever remember.

And if you want to be absolutely sure that you will never forget this scene, then read on, because the ax itself – “evil ax”, if you will – is on sale.

Entertainment Site Reports TMZ.

Frame: The ax comes framed with pictures from the movie.

But if you want to secure that treasure, you may have to go crazy like Jack Torrance in the movie. The site writes that the price is expected to be insane amounting to $100,000, or roughly 900,000 kroner at today’s exchange rate.

Auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll is responsible for the sale. They have set the minimum bid at $50,000.

The bidding round, which takes place online, begins on Wednesday, April 20.

Auction hammer hits after 9 days. Only then do we get to know the final price of the axe, which from the photos appears to have a shaft and blade with some markings that have been over 40 years since the film was shot.

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The auction house still promises that the ax, which comes framed with a small set of pictures from the movie, is in “very good condition, used on film.”

Do you remember when the Norwegian series “Exit” imitated another famous scene from “Hotel of Evil”? Watch “Bluebusters” on VGTV to find out:

The ax is also involved in more scenes than those mentioned, where Nicholson’s character hits the bathroom door. He also appears at the end of the movie, which is based on a book by Stephen King. That is, when the main character goes out into the labyrinth of the snow-covered garden in search of his son.

And yes, the ax comes to life during the action at the secluded, closed-down winter hotel.

We won’t reveal who they are to those who haven’t seen the classic movie yet.

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