EVs: how to find the nearest charging station

Environmental considerations are one of the primary motivators that electric vehicle users cited as reasons to buy an EV. Other reasons include the intrigue of this technological novelty, and the opportunity to save money long-term when compared to gas-fueled cars. As gas prices are on the rise, switching to electric vehicles seems reasonable. But many car drivers ask if finding the nearest charging station is as easy as finding a gas station.

When asked, people rarely give just one reason for buying an EV instead of a regular car. Electric vehicles are silent, low-maintenance, and make you look like one who cares about the environment and climate change. At EVCS we believe the future is where electrical power and mobility converge. That’s why we want to cover the lack of accessible EV charging stations so that more people switch to electrical. The ability to easily locate the nearest charging station is a key factor in encouraging more users to adopt this new means of transportation.

EVCS’ plan to make more people go green

Electric vehicles are not only safer and cleaner than gas-powered ones, but they are more cost-effective. The difficulty in finding EV charging stations prevented people from switching to electric cars. Our mission at EVCS has always been to incentivize site owners to install EV chargers so that you can find the nearest charging stations wherever you are. We’ve already expanded from California to Washington, via the West Coast Electric Highway, and soon, we’ll do the same all over the US to make sure you travel with the certainty to find a charger near you.

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Through our subscription plans, you’ll get unlimited monthly charging, making you save money when compared to pay-as-you-go charging. And to help you find charging stations near you, once you subscribe to either our “Personal” or “Commercial” plan, you automatically have access to our app. There you’ll quickly find EVCS chargers in your area, searching by zip code, city, or address. If you don’t have the possibility to download our mobile app, you can find your nearest charger by going to our website, and selecting ‘EV drivers’, and then ‘Find a charger’.

Charging your EV is as simple as scanning the QR code you’ll find on the charger. Our mobile app makes your charging experience simple and convenient by allowing multiple payment types and remembering your payment preferences. In addition, you’ll be able to track your charging history.

EVCS’ subscription plans

We offer two plans, carefully put together to meet our user’s expectations and needs. On one hand, we’ve got the ‘Personal plan’ which is ideal for individual drivers or families. On the other hand, you can choose our ‘Commercial plan’ which is ideal for ride-share and other gig economy drivers, or commercial electric vehicles. No matter which one you choose, with the monthly unlimited charging plan, you can charge as many times as you need. And, good news: no need to wait after paying, because your subscription starts immediately after your payment is processed.

Here’s some more information you may find useful:

  • How often will I be billed?:Your credit card will be charged on the day of the month in which you initially purchase the subscription. For example, if you subscribed on August 18th, you’ll be billed the following month on September 18th.
  • Can I use prepaid or gift cards?:You can use either VISA or MasterCard gift cards.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?:You can upgrade from personal to commercial or vice versa at any time. For downgrades, the adjustment will go into effect in the next billing cycle.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?:You just have to go to ’Subscription plan’ on our mobile app. Then click or tap over the ‘Cancel’ button. You can cancel at any time, and your subscription will be active until the end of the billing cycle.
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